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Breaking Terror Barriers Within You to Achieve Growth and Development

Let me try to explain the process of how to break terror barriers to expand your comfort zone.

First step in the psychological process of experiencing growth is called bondage. In spite of the mental ability to choose, a person uses the energy flowing into him to think usual thoughts, creating the same internal images and, as a consequence, gets the same type of results.

Then comes a new intriguing idea, an idea out of the ordinary! The person then starts to reason. chains-19176_1280 (2)The idea gets accepted on the intellectual level, but, it is still far from getting accepted on the emotional level.

The idea only remains in the intellectual level because it simply does not resonate with the paradigm prevailing in the subconscious mind. The person, therefore, continues to get the same type of results as before because it is the subconscious that dominates our thoughts and decisions. Even though the person does not get the results he wants, he is still comfortable with where he is because he has been living in that same quality of life every day, probably even for most of his life.

The thing is, he can’t just dismiss this idea. It continues to come back and wants attention. He starts to get emotionally involved. The moment the idea is impressed on the old mind conditioning, the electrical system in the person’s body goes haywire and puts him into a mixed vibration. Worry, fear and anxiety strikes so fast and hard that it puts the person in a complicated state of emotions.

This is common in people and is a remnant from our ancient life out in the wild. When facing a threat of some kind, it is natural for the body to react as if it was facing a wild lion on the prairies. All sorts of stressful emotions and bodily reactions appears, and tries to get your attention.

At this stage, development and growth ceases. Everything is put on high alert to prepare for survival through the ‘fight or flight’ defense mechanism of the person. A part of the brain called the amygdala even screams at you to do something!

Why? The new idea is pushing this person forward but the old conditioning, the paradigm, is driving him back. The conflict is unbearable. Persons in this state can’t improve their lives, They don’t want to go back, yet, they can’t stay where they are. It is therefore important to look into the why? Why do I want to do this? Why do I want to plunge forward? Does it lead me in the direction of my goals? Does it hurt anyone? Will it improve my life? If the answer to those questions is a resounding yes; then, you should push yourself the terror barrier!

A lack of understanding of what is going on internally often causes the person to retreat to familiar territory. He quickly bounces off the terror barrier all the way back to bondage. The person rationalizes to himself why it is a good place to be there. It’s comfortable and it’s familiar. It comes naturally for him to choose to settle in that situation.

But, as Abraham Maslow states, ‘You will have a choice here in front of the terror barrier: step forward into growth, or you will step back into safety! Reach for the freedom which becomes your new comfort zone. You will evolve in the process. You will come out on the other side stronger and more prepared for the next round of challenge. You won’t rid yourself of the fear, though. Facing the terror barrier on another occasion will still cause you to experience fear, but it is easier to handle it this time.’

My mentor puts it this way: Do it afraid!

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How to Create Brilliantly


This article by Mary Morrissey reinforces the power of our minds and how our thoughts can help produce the results we want to achieve in life. If we plant the right thoughts in or mind, and nourish it, it will take root and flourish. We become what we think about!

How to Create Brilliantly – Mary Morrissey’s DreamBuilder Blog

Mary Morrissey, renowned speaker / teacher / coach offers an exercise you can do today to start building a life you love. Read more to catapult your dream into reality.

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Announcing the GO EFT Tapping App Release on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus and Update to iOS8

It’s with great excitement that I can now tell everyone more good news!  The GO EFT tapping app is now upgraded to iOS 8 and already available on the latest Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. That’s right, this release delivers the rich capabilities made available by iOS 8 and now properly supports the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’ increased screen size.

Please note that the first 5 to like this post on our facebook page will get a promotional code to download it for free (value 5 USD).

I want to take this opportunity to thank our valued clients for all their support and also thank all those who have patiently waited. This update is a feast for everyone, so download it now or go get it on your new iPhones today! Happy tapping!

GO EFT Tapping flow_iPhone 5





My Personal Experience on EFT Tapping for Pain Relief

slipping-98713_1280This week has certainly been extraordinary! A few days ago, my son, David, had tripped and hurt his wrist. On a scale of 10, the pain level was at 7-8 everytime he bent his wrist and the pain continued to linger. On Saturday morning he was worried about not being able to play the violin during his class. We tapped a bit, and the pain sank to 5. We tapped a few rounds more and the pain went down to 1. One more tapping round and it was virtually gone. He was laughing sheepishly and exclaimed happily, “everyone should do this more often”! David came home after a 2-hour lesson of violin with his hand working perfectly fine and feeling no pain at all from his accident.

I then wanted to do some e-book reviewing when the lights started to flicker and the power went out. It was that way for almost the entire day. With the brownout, I unfortunately ended the day falling from the stairs. I suffered some bruises and a badly twisted foot. I decided I would have to refrain from working at the Health Exhibition the following day, Sunday.

But, guess what? Bandaged foot high, 15 minutes of tapping and a good night’s sleep made me wake up with the foot as good as new! I still felt some pressure on the top and inside, but there was no pain. Thus, I was still able to attend the Health Exhibition. And, what’s even better is, it stayed that way all day! In the evening when I arrived home and released my feet from the sturdy shoes I had worn, I had a little reminder of pain, but nothing more.

EFT never ceases to amaze me. What happened to me and my son, David, was an excellent example to all who wanted to know if EFT is effective for pain relief.  I just love EFT Tapping!


GO EFT Tapping is now verified for IOS 8, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6+

I’m happy to share with you some goood news! GO EFT Tapping is now verified for IOS 8, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6plus and uploaded to iTunes. This means that you can now have even the latest model of IPhone that is out in the market and can enjoy using the app and be stress-free. Happy tapping!GO EFT Tapping flow_iPhone 5

Nick Ortner Taps on a Teen’s Negative Emotions

I found this touching video about an EFT tapping session of Nick Ortner with a teenager who had emotional trauma. The amazing power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)  released her from the guilt, anger and insecurities and got her through very difficult emotional situations. It had me crying in the end.

Hay House Pasadena – Nick Ortner Taps on Guilt

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The Top 5 Mistakes People Make With EFT Tapping (And How To Correct Them)


EFT tapping is simple and easy to learn, but both newcomers and old users alike  sometimes find that they aren’t making progress  or  aren’t gettting the results and feel like giving up on trying. What they are not realizing is tthat they are making simple mistakes that can easily be corrected. NIck Ortner has written some important information how to use EFT more effectively. Happy tapping!

The Top 5 Mistakes People Make With EFT Tapping (And How To Correct Them)

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Stressfree at work with EFT – is that possible?

55777753_multitasking_entrepreneur (2)I will hold a Swedish presentation, together with Irene Ödmark-Hall, on Thursday, at 16:00 at the exhibition AlltFörHälsan in Älvsjö, Sweden., 6-9 November 2014

You are very welcome to visit us in monter B05:20 where the EFT association is represented. You will also have an opportunity to take part in “try it out- sessions”. (I’ll be there personally on Thursday and Sunday)

Stress is very much present in many workplaces.  Six out of ten Swedish workplaces* lack programs in anti-stress and psychosocial health. More than a third do not even try. It is shown in the Swedish authority’s (i.e. Arbetsmiljöverket) most recent survey from studying 1,705 workplaces  in small and medium enterprises in some testified stressful industries: preschool, transportation, hotels and restaurants, banking and finance, religious organizations, libraries, and manufacturing.

Much of it are due to conditions that only the employer can change.

1178930_thriving with stress (2)

But if they don´t care, you still can take control over some of your stress! EFT is an extremely powerful method to reduce stress. With EFT you can reprogram your reactions to not overreact on old stress factors  that previously may have driven you nuts. Regain calm and logic to take sensible decisions and actions in your situation at work.

Go from stressing to thriving!
Hälsomässan2014 (2)

Discovering Sociocracy

stoos logo (2)

King/Midasplayer AB hosted an extremely intriguing and engaging workshop that I attended this week: Discover Sociocracy with James Priest and Michael Göthe cofounder of Stoos Stockholm – Transforming Business For The Better.

James gave us a very intriguing, stimulating and charming presentation on a very important topic. We don’t get much done without effective decision making and governance. Gently and with a holistic insightful human perspective, he brought these rather dry structures and procedures to vibrant life, in the now. I rate it 5 of 5, definitely!

  • Sociocracy is a system of governance, using consent-based decision making among equivalent individuals and an organizational structure based on cybernetic principles. Do note, consent is not the same thing as consensus, which makes the whole differences in speed and efficiency when it comes to decision making.
  • “Stoos Stockholm – Transforming Business For The Better” is a local satelite to the international network


What Makes A Leader?

growth-453485_1280 (2)

Many aspects of leadership continue to be debated on for countless of years now. The ability to motivate and inspire others are leadership skills that are usually identified as essential in becoming a good leader. One article cited the following characteristics that make up an inspiring leader:

  1. Visionary—providing a clear picture of the future and being able to communicate that to the team.
  2. Enhancing—creating positive one-on-one relationships along with team relationships by being a great listener and connecting emotionally with people.
  3. Driver—displaying a focused pursuit to make the numbers and complete things on time and generally being accountable for personal and group performance.
  4. Principled—providing a powerful role model of doing the right things in the right way.
  5. Enthusiast—exuding passion and energy about the organization, its goals and the work itself.
  6. Expert—providing a strong technical direction that comes from deep expertise.

Being an inspiration is an everyday job because everything a leader does makes an impact on his employees. Therefore, it is very important that a leader always makes the effort to be one.

Then there is the leader as a motivator. Of course, all business owners want highly motivated people because this translates to increased productivity. And this isn’t just about being motivated in general, but, they need to be particularly motivated about their work and it is the leader’s responsibility to create a work environment that encourages them to feel this way.

Many people become confused when they are asked to be inspiring and motivating leaders to their team. The question of how to make colleagues see them as inspiring and motivational hangs over their head.

So, how does one end up possessing these and other essential leadership skills – is it inherent by birth or can it be learned? The skills to become a good leader can be acquired with the proper coaching and mentoring. With the right training program, leaders can develop a significant improvement on these important competencies.

If you want to know where to find help, Golden Opportunity can give you the support you need to develop your organization! Transform yourself, your staff, and consequently your operations to the better! Allow us to help you develop to become an even better, more productive organization! Read more about our programs here or contact us today!