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Podcasts on Persistence and Imagination

episode 42

Hello, you find my 2 last podcasts on the topics below on iTunes or on my vlog:

Enjoy your development!

Best regards, Sara

[GO] 40: Achieve Your Goals Through Imagineering and Visualization

episode 40 Achieve your goals Through Imagineering and Visualization

I just added a new podcast on achieving goals through so calle dimagineering and visualization.

Have a look at it at itunes or directly at my vlog: [GO] 40: Achieve Your Goals Through Imagineering and Visualization

You know, sometime this piece is the missing link to getting there. You are doing all things right to get to your goal, but something prevents you. Usually then, something in your subconscious is holding you back. You need to reprogram yourself.

Ever since I started my own company I have had a financial goal sometime to have the same income as previously paid employee (as a manager in an international company iwth 35 subordinates), but working only half of the time as entrepreneur, with all the freedom it brings. It has been the most difficult goal to reach for me.

So last summer, as I got a stomach flue and then an infection in india, was doomed to stay in the hotel room as my family toured the country we were visiting, I really made up my mind to use my tools and energy to remove the block and imagineer my living this goal intensively.

Thereafter it took me only a couple of months and then I reached my goal. Imagineering and visualization did the trick for me.

Oh, and I combined the Imagineering with Lifeflow to intensify the effect. More on that in another podcast. Stay tuned!

Have a really nice weekend! // Sara

Purpose and inner desires – inherited or not?

RMP 16 basic desires

I got the question the other day; whether our individual higher purpose is genetic, or maybe derived from inner desires.

Here are my thoughts about it:

We are all born for a higher purpose of any kind, and that purpose has a natural connection with our inner basic desires, motivating forces.

Steven Reiss, Ph.D.*, says that at least 14 of the 16 internal universal driving forces appear to be genetic in origin, because similarities can be seen in the family backwards.

I personally believe that we have a genetic “blueprint” (encoded in the DNA) that gives us numerous opportunities. All parts of the DNA are not active at all times, however. According Epigenetics, smoothly explained by Dr. Bruce Lipton, our perception and emotional state control which part of the DNA that are active at any given moment. Perception and emotional states is rooted more in tradition than in genetics.

This purpose may not necessarily be defined in terms of classic goals, verb or a noun achieved, so to speak. The purpose may e.g. be to help to augment a particular state or feeling.

Bob Proctor example, has dedicated his life to teaching people about what drives  our results and how we can rebuild our habits to better assist us in this. Gandhi dedicated his life to peace and equality found his meaning in trying to eradicate injustice using nonviolence principles.

Far from everyone is clear about their individual purpose. It tends, however, to brighten slightly when taking step by step.

When taking step by step towards your purpose your “meaningful happiness,” as Reiss calls it, will increase. You may notice that you often find yourself more often in a “higher emotional state” (see for example the staircase of the emotional state according to Dr. Hawkins in the book “Power vs Force”).

When taking steps away from your purpose, your meaningful happiness is reduced. The reduction of the value-based happiness might be masked by increased “feel-good happiness” (the feel-good luck), but usually brings feelings of hollowness in the long term.

When you understand what your own inner forces are, it is easier to find the pathway to your purpose, should it feel diffuse and unclear at present. It makes it easier to understand if you have defined goals or visions that are not in line with your inner driving forces. Such goals & visions will lead to activities that soon feels right meaningless and will hardly lead you to “flow”.

Have a good weekend!

// Sara Bern, Agile coach and Certified RMP Master

* Steven Reiss, Ph.D. is the author of “Who am I?” and “The normal personality” and founder of the RMP Motivation Profile.


Next podcast session [GO] 39: How to Improve Your Creative Imagination Skills

How to Improve Your Creative Imagination Skills

My latest podcast episode is now ready:
[GO] 39: How to Improve Your Creative Imagination Skills

You are welcome to listen to the episode on my vlog below, or subscribe to the podcast at itunes.

  • https://itunes.apple.com/se/podcast/golden-opportunity/id954072359?l=e
  • http://www.goldenopportunitypodcast.com/

Have a nice weekend! // Sara

[GO] 38: Mind Power Secrets: Reprogramming Your Subconscious With Repetition

episode 38

My latest podcast episode is now ready: Mind Power Secrets: Reprogramming Your Subconscious With Repetition.

You are welcome to listen to the episode on my vlog below, or subscribe to the podcast at itunes.

Have a nice weekend!

Humane or Human Relationships in Agile?

Agile is much about flexibility and is highly dependable on the human ability to perform it. Bob Marshall is reasoning how we move from merely Human relationships to Humane Relationships as we start to reap the full benefits of Agile.


Yes! Healthday in Sweden shows tapping again

Sooo looking forward to participating and showing EFT Tapping to the Swedish Health interested people as Hälsodagen (that 1,6 miljonersklubben is arranging as a charity event at Stora Skuggan, Frescati on Sunday this week. 11-15.

Part of the proceeds goes to the refugees and the rest of health research).

You can choose to come and try this remarkable simple stress reducing technique.


Who knows, it might be the beginning of your new life. It was for me when I first encountered it. I count life in before and after EFT Tapping.


Some new podcast episodes are now available…

Enabling factors

Dear reader,

you are lucky! Today I have three podcast sessions to tell you about.

Due to some technical issues, I have not been able to keep you posted on the new available podcasts that have been published on iTunes since we last met. Anyway you find them on iTunes here, or click the links below to get to my vlog.

[GO] 35: Want To Achieve Your Life Goals – Act On It Now!

[GO] 36: Changing Your Paradigm Through Positive Affirmations

[GO] 37: Factors That Enable You to Keep Going Towards Your Goal

If you subscribe to the podcasts from iTunes, you will get them regularly. They surely have less technical issues than I… 😉

Enjoy! // Sara

[GO] 34: Steps to Achieving G.R.E.A.T. Goals

episode 34
My latest podcast episode is now ready: Steps to Achieving G.R.E.A.T. Goals.
You are welcome to listen to the episode on my vlog below, or subscribe to the podcast at itunes.

[GO] 33: Setting Goals: Is Your No.1 Want a GREAT Goal?

episode 33
My latest podcast episode 33  is now ready: Setting Goals: Is Your No.1 Want a GREAT Goal?
Listen to the episode on my vlog below, or subscribe to the podcast at itunes.