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Discovering Sociocracy

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King/Midasplayer AB hosted an extremely intriguing and engaging workshop that I attended this week: Discover Sociocracy with James Priest and Michael Göthe cofounder of Stoos Stockholm – Transforming Business For The Better.

James gave us a very intriguing, stimulating and charming presentation on a very important topic. We don’t get much done without effective decision making and governance. Gently and with a holistic insightful human perspective, he brought these rather dry structures and procedures to vibrant life, in the now. I rate it 5 of 5, definitely!

  • Sociocracy is a system of governance, using consent-based decision making among equivalent individuals and an organizational structure based on cybernetic principles. Do note, consent is not the same thing as consensus, which makes the whole differences in speed and efficiency when it comes to decision making.
  • “Stoos Stockholm – Transforming Business For The Better” is a local satelite to the international network


What Makes A Leader?

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Many aspects of leadership continue to be debated on for countless of years now. The ability to motivate and inspire others are leadership skills that are usually identified as essential in becoming a good leader. One article cited the following characteristics that make up an inspiring leader:

  1. Visionary—providing a clear picture of the future and being able to communicate that to the team.
  2. Enhancing—creating positive one-on-one relationships along with team relationships by being a great listener and connecting emotionally with people.
  3. Driver—displaying a focused pursuit to make the numbers and complete things on time and generally being accountable for personal and group performance.
  4. Principled—providing a powerful role model of doing the right things in the right way.
  5. Enthusiast—exuding passion and energy about the organization, its goals and the work itself.
  6. Expert—providing a strong technical direction that comes from deep expertise.

Being an inspiration is an everyday job because everything a leader does makes an impact on his employees. Therefore, it is very important that a leader always makes the effort to be one.

Then there is the leader as a motivator. Of course, all business owners want highly motivated people because this translates to increased productivity. And this isn’t just about being motivated in general, but, they need to be particularly motivated about their work and it is the leader’s responsibility to create a work environment that encourages them to feel this way.

Many people become confused when they are asked to be inspiring and motivating leaders to their team. The question of how to make colleagues see them as inspiring and motivational hangs over their head.

So, how does one end up possessing these and other essential leadership skills – is it inherent by birth or can it be learned? The skills to become a good leader can be acquired with the proper coaching and mentoring. With the right training program, leaders can develop a significant improvement on these important competencies.

If you want to know where to find help, Golden Opportunity can give you the support you need to develop your organization! Transform yourself, your staff, and consequently your operations to the better! Allow us to help you develop to become an even better, more productive organization! Read more about our programs here or contact us today!


Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life

You cannot tailor-make your situation in life,

but you can tailor-make your attitudes to fit those situations.

— Zig Ziglar


Overcoming Disappointments

Disappointment is temporary. Only your thought about it is permanent.

Neale Donald


60-pound Weight Loss – Green Smoothies Inspiration


Green smoothies have made such a big difference in many people’s lives, especially in overall health.  Andrea, back in 2012, decided to start drinking green smoothies because she observed that she lacked energy and could barely go a mile. At the same time, she wanted to lose weight. She drank green smoothies daily and has lost 60 pounds since then!

Drinking green smoothies have also taught her to be particular of what she eats..Beef and pork. are now out of her diet. She also eats a lot less sugar and carbs. 

These days, not only does she feel much more energized and healthier, but even her family  has also started to drink green smoothies!

60-Pound Weight Loss – Green Smoothie Inspirations …

Over the last year, Andrea has made some incredible changes. Since she started using the Green Smoothie Health and Weight Loss program, she has lost 60 pounds and has started running! If you have an inspiring story about how green …

Read more …

@Swedes in Stockholm: Try an EFT session for 100 SEK

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Today and tomorrow: Try an EFT session for 100 SEK in the EFT association monter Hall AB, row 13 towards the wall.
At the HARMONI expon, Solna 25-26/10 2014.

My colleagues Joanna Armstrong, GunMarie Engström, Ella Björnklippa and Jane Fogelström and last but not least Tina Lee Möller will take good care of you in the monter below.

HARMONI expon Solna 2014


8 Tips to Overcome Barriers to Doing EFT


Many people, especially those who are new to it, have particular concerns on doing EFT. In this article, Karin Witzig Rozell, the founder of Wellness Professional Network, touches on the most common issues that people have and gives valuable tips for overcoming common resistance barriers to putting tapping into regular practice. Read on.

8 Tips to Overcome Barriers to Doing EFT

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“There is no failure except in no longer trying.” ~ Elbert Hubbard

Transform your day by transforming your thoughts!

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Green Smoothies – Easy as A-B-C

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Many people get discouraged drinking green smoothies, even if they know that it is very good their health, simply because they feel it’s very complicated to prepare. Truth of the matter is, it’s really very easy to do. Making green smoothies don’t entail so much fuss because the recipes are actually very simple.

Basically, a green smoothie recipe needs fruits and greens and involves the following process:

  • Put fruits and / or berries into a mixer
  • Add greens
  • Add 1-2 cups of water (or coconut milk)
  • Mix it smooth.

So simple, right?

Now you ask, but how will I know what are the right greens and fruits to use? Greens are any of the leafy vegetables that’s literally green-colored and easily available in groceries and supermarkets. The green in the leaves contain chlorophyll which is very similar to human blood molecules. As Dr. Ann Wigmore used to say, “Consuming chlorophyll is like receiving a healthy blood transfusion”.

What about fruits? Any edible fruit that suits your taste can be used to add nutrition and flavor to your drink. Some fruits such as banana and mango give a creamier texture to the drink.

If you’re worried about the exact quantity of each mixture, fret no more because the exact amount of each fruit and each green is not as important. It is more important to take note of the proportion of the greens to fruit and the variety of ingredients. For starters, putting in extra fruit may help to make the smoothies a little sweeter or you may choose to add a bit of honey  to suit your taste buds.

Get a copy of my book, the “Green Smoothies Weight Loss Recipes“, for more tips on green smoothie recipe preparations. Grab your copy here!

Tip of the day for Green Smoothie lovers_7th October 2014

Rosa bandet 2

My tip of the day for Green Smoothie lovers:
I usually have 1-2 pitchers standing in the refrigerator waiting for the next family member come around.

To make things fast and easy I leave a spoon to stir, ready available inside the pitcher, under the lid.

Then it is easy to grab a glass and pour it right in och by the refrigerator without having to walk back and forth in the kitchen.

Small efficient routines like this increases the amount of green smoothies you will drink, and it will increase your health and weight loss. :-)