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True happiness lies within you

Smiling girl

“Realize that true happiness
lies within you.

Waste no time and effort
searching for peace and contentment
and joy in the world outside.

Remember that there is no happiness
in having or in getting,
but only in giving.

Reach out.Share. Smile. Hug.

Happiness is perfume you cannot pour on others
without getting a few drops on yourself.”

Og Mandino
1923-1996, Author


About giving from the heart:

My EFT colleague Sebastiaan van Der Schriers,
Steve Wells, Dr. David Lake and Rehana Webster are
supporting the Philippines with trauma relief
and more after the super Typhoon Yolanda.

Did you know that the expert international Tapping team
that is now in Tacloban have volunteered not only their time,
but have paid for their tickets in order to go and help?

That’s right! The money has not yet been raised for their funding,
BUT they went anyway!

These generous people are giving without expecting anything in return.
Every little bit helps.

Follow the links and watch the video if you want more inspiration!

A third of all donations goes to Emotional trauma
relief, two thirds to rebuilding or houses, schools
and a library.

Did you know that a mere
5 dollars releases the trauma of a child,
25 dollars releases the traumas of a Filipino household,
700 dollar gives a family a new sustainable home.

Wow, compared to Sweden prices,
that´s a bargain!

I just gave this team 50 licenses to my
EFT tapping app for iPhone, and I have donated
of my Filipino assistant’s time during the campaign.

And it feels really good!
I am so happy to be able
to be of service.
Stronger than Yolanda_DSC_5582-1024x685




Live Life Well By Living The Generous Life

hands 2_Eastop

The concept of generosity used to be that of one giving for the benefit of the recipient. However, such is no longer the case these days as being generous is now known to be as beneficial to the giver himself. Basically, this present belief brings us to the law of attraction. What you send out to the universe, is literally given back to you. So, not only does one give out abundance but attracts it, as well.


Here’s even greater news! This is now a scientific fact as evidenced by various studies. It has been found out that generosity adds more years to one’s life. Various studies showed that generosity reduces stress and improves mental state thereby increasing life span.


Generosity benefits the receiver as well as the giver because aside from making the giver happier and healthier, seeing the positive results of our actions on another person gives us a sense of fulfillment unique only to the act of generosity we do. Depressed? Help others and you instantly feel better. Definitely nothing beats the act of helping in lifting up spirits.


Being generous also makes us better people because instead of focusing on ourselves which may be full of stress, envy, criticism, we see the impact of the goodness of our actions on other’s lives. We not only make others happy but it also changes our perspective into that full of happiness, gratitude and generosity. We become less egoistic and self-centered and become more sensitive to the needs of others. Generosity also boosts our self-confidence because we feel much appreciated and loved by what we do for others. It gives us a sense of worth and purpose and sometimes even helps to put direction in people’s lives.


You might say that you are financially thinned out and not equipped to share or help others. But, there are various ways to being generous and not just on a financial aspect. One can be generous with time, offering assistance to physically handicapped or elders, giving information, lending an ear – the ways to be generous are endless!


It doesn’t matter how small or how big is the thing you do for generosity. It is in giving that we experience our greatest peace and happiness.


“You will find that the mere resolve not to be useless,
and the honest desire to help other people,
will, in the quickest and most delicate ways,
improve yourself.”

John Ruskin, 1819-1900, Writer and Philanthropist

Image: courtesy of Eastop.

Meet Sheena Mae, a Super Typhoon Haiyan Survivor From the Philippines


Sebastiaan van der Schrier, and his team, are spearheading the mission of releasing emotional traumas of young survivors from super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in the Philippines through the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT and also  providing stormproof houses for their security.

One of the children Sebastiaan talked to about the trauma of the storm was Sheena Mae who easily tapped out the major emotion behind it by using EFT which Sebastiaan introduced to her.

Sheena is soon to be given a college scholarship that will send her to Cebu to pursue her ambitions with a living expense budget of a whopping USD$30 per month.

She and her family have been living in a tent for 5 months. It’s a nice tent and camping is fun, but of course, every adventure has a shelf life.

The cost of a basic ergonomic typhoon resistant home is US$700. They’re also pretty to look at and come with a carpentry manual for customization’s and extensions.

This selfless act of  Sebastiaan and his team is highly commendable. They  are now in the thick of things to provide these homes and train people in psychological and emotional empowerment, so the next time life throws a curve-ball, they have all they need to literally weather the storm.

If you want to read more on Sebastiaan and his mission, check out this link.

Golf: EFT improves your score and eliminates YIPS

EFT improves your golf score and cures YIPS

Golfers in over 3o countries are now using tapping to improve their score.

I have been collecting information about golf players using tapping like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to improve their score.

If you are playing golf and want to improve your score, perhaps even radically, read on to discover how others have done it, using tapping.

No wonder tapping is used b golfers! Playing golf, you have to keep your head clear. It is much a mental game, where you can’t force the win. The difference between number one and two is the ability to stay alert, but not tense. And EFT tapping is perfect for eliminating mental disturbances. It is proven to lower the stress response and reduces the shower or stress hormones in your body.

Tracey Vornbrock, Stephen Ladd, Dr Erin Shannon and others at has contributed with the below testimonials from their websites and interviews (on e.g. GolfWeek Magazine and  the Tapping Summit).

  “My putting was the only thing keeping me from winning several tournaments a year. I could sink them all day on the practice green, but never in the big tournaments. Everyone expected me to reach the par fives in two, but then hang on for par. Stephen took care of that in short order. Imagine their surprise when I started draining eagle putts!
- Dave Proffitt PGA Teaching Professional, London, Ohio


“I met Stacey last year (2005), and it has helped me tremendously. I think tapping allows golfers to have more fun. I think it helps them focus more on one shot at a time instead of being focused on anxieties. I’ve worked with a couple of sports psychologists in the past, and it helped, but this (tapping) goes deeper. It helps you deal with things that are in your subconscious and are limiting your performance. What Stacey has helped me with the most is learning how to play in the present by eliminating doubts in my performance and ability. Her (tapping) technique erases the emotional attachment you have to negative performance situations. She’s basically eliminated those and put me back to square one.”
– Barry Conser, Professional Golfer

“My work with Stacey has made a major difference in my game. EFT is something you can use for everything. It’s a tremendous tool I wish I had known about a long time ago. Golf is a game of how you react mentally. One bad shot or hole can ruin a round. Tapping has improved how I think on the course, my calmness and my concentration. It calms you right away and makes you realize you’re in control of your emotions, of how you act and react in certain situations. I wish I had found Stacey when I was still playing football. She could have extended my career by at least four years. It has helped my golf, but it goes way beyond that. It has helped me in a lot of different areas in my life. My addiction is anger. I think it had a lot to do with the sports I played. Tapping has enabled me to step back and evaluate how I deal with different situations in everyday life. I find myself tapping all the time. I’m calmer. I’m a better golfer.
– Seth Joyner, Celebrity Players Tour Golfer and former NFL Linebacker

“I had this horrible career-ending injury to my knee. I had exhausted all possibilities. I had been through knee replacement surgery and my surgeon told me that there was really no reason for me to continue to have as much pain as I was having; my knee should be stronger and I should be able to do more things. Yet I really wasn’t able to do more things and I still had pain. I felt absolutely stuck. It was like I was dragging this leg along and it was so heavy. I just knew that there had to be some way to release the emotions and the trauma that was tied into the injury. Once Stacey and I started tapping, I started to release all those emotions that had been stored in my system. And once I started to release the emotions, my body began to heal and my leg just became lighter, the pain started to go away, and I was really able to do many more things. When you tap, you’re able to release the emotions that are tied into an injury or a thought about things that are going on. Once you release those, that allows you to then move on.”
– Linda Vollstedt, Former ASU Women’s Golf Coach for 21 yrs., led the Sun Devils to 6 NCAA Championships, 9 Conference titles, coached 42 All Americans, and sent 22 players to the LPGA Tour; inducted into the ASU Hall of Fame in 2002 and the Women’s Sports Foundation Hall of Fame in 2003

“Through the use of EFT with Stacey, I have dramatically reduced my anxiety during tournaments. This allows my body and mind to work in harmony. Before EFT it was like listening to a radio station with a lot of static. Now I’m listening just to the music and I can enjoy it. On a personal level, nothing has approached the peace of mind and closure I’ve achieved regarding my son’s death that EFT has provided.”
– Howard Twitty, Former Senior PGA Tour Pro

“The Golf Manual is easy to use. It doesn’t take a lot of time and you can do it pretty much anywhere. Golf is a lot more fun because I feel like I’m more in control, and I feel like I can affect my performance more than I did before. I’d say it’s the best way to change yourself into something that you want to become.
– Niklas Lemke, Professional Golfer


“By working with Stacey and EFT I have freed up my mind and body to play better golf. It brings me back to what I’m doing on the golf course. I also use this technique during and between tournaments if I have trouble sleeping or my mind is racing. It quickly releases the stresses of the day and brings me back to a relaxed state.
– Greg Bruckner, Professional Golfer


“Stacey’s insights, techniques and counseling have literally been a life saver. I was essentially bound by injuries out of competitive professional golf. Regardless of a surgery and numerous rehab attempts, I found my old injuries still chasing me down in retirement and impeding my coaching, let alone my day-to-day life. Work with Stacey has revolutionized my recovery and has been a direct success to our golf program and my professional growth. I consider Stacey a mentor and integral part of successful performance. Her influence is rooted deeply in the growth of our players and my overall well-being. If you are serious to enjoy the success you deserve, tune in and trust Stacey. It’s well worth every moment.”
– Maria “Loopy” Lopez, Head Golf Coach Embry Riddle University; LPGA Class A Member & 2007 LPGA National Coach of the Year

“Without fail, EFT has proven to be a foundation skill for relieving or eliminating mental and physical stress for athletes. One such referral was my first professional golf client. This proved to be a very rewarding and reinforcing referral, as it resulted in this individual winning the Minnesota PGA Senior State Match Play tournament in 2001. He attributed his win mainly to using EFT both before and during the tournament. I also recently worked with a club professional in Minnesota who made the cut to participate in the 2002 U.S. Open at Hazeltine Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota, largely due to EFT. Brent Thomson, PhD

“EFT used to eliminate golfers’ YIPS. …I advertised for golfers suffering with the yips to take part in a study, there was no shortage of volunteers and I chose a group of 5 based on their varying handicaps and ages which ranged from professional to double figure handicap, the youngest being 28 and the oldest 59. I asked each player to write a lengthy report prior to treatment describing their symptoms and how it affected their game, after the treatment they were asked to write a follow up report. I successfully cured all 5 out of 5 cases (of YIPS) using EFT by uncovering and eliminating emotional issues. This study was done 2 years ago so I recently contacted all who took part and they have all signed and dated a statement to say they are still YIP free to this present day.”
-Lynn Francis

“The start of every golf season was always terrifying for me, as I never knew how much worse the YIPS may have become, but now I look forward to the 2006 season with much excitement, fully confident that this terrible affliction (YIPS) has been finally exorcised by Lynn’s exceptional skills and ability. I also believe that, as a bonus to curing the YIPS, I am now a different person. I see things and react differently to situations in everyday life. I feel better. I know that this is as a direct result of the therapy I underwent and would recommend it to anyone.”
-Nigel Grice, 50-year-old golfer ex-sufferer of YIPS

If you live in Sweden and want to take advantage of this technique to improve your swing, your scores, or reduce YIPS etc.  then CONTACT US! Sara can support you or your team with tapping in Swedish or English. Even German if need be.

How Autosuggestion Influences the Subconscious

We have to use the right affirmations for autosuggestions because these affirmations greatly influence our subconscious. Remember that your conscious and subconscious mind work in totally different ways. The conscious mind can accept or reject an idea, choose among inputs arriving to it, and create entirely new ideas.

The subconscious mind, however, operates in a completely different way from your conscious mind. It’s in the subconscious where your autopilot resides. The subconscious processes inputs extremely fast, a million times faster than the conscious. The subconscious mind is just like a receiver. It is akin to an open bowl. It is programmed to accept all things that enter into it, no choice here. It simply can not reject an idea that your conscious mind has already accepted.

In the subconscious, negations are filtered away. One common example of this is when mothers at restaurants strictly admonish their children to not spill on the nice table cloth. But, what usually happens?

They do spill! Most of the time, at least. Why, what did their subconscious get? Do spill out on the nice table cloth! And, because the instructions came from their mum, feelings stress more importance – you asked for it, mum, so here goes the milk!

The subconscious mind takes things at face value, just like kids and people with Asperger’s syndrome. It cannot understand cynicism or sarcasm. If you use a cynical or sarcastic jargon, you need to think carefully and, perhaps, rephrase before formulating it in autosuggestions and affirmations.

Furthermore, your subconscious mind can certainly not distinguish between what is real and what is invented. It takes in everything it receives from the conscious mind without analysis, question or protest. The subconscious can not tell whether something is true or false, realistic or ridiculous.

Again, your subconscious mind, which controls your body, cannot distinguish between what is real and what is invented. So, use it to your advantage! Remember these:

  • Create your vision by using your conscious mind.
  • Plant the vision beautifully in your mind the knowledge that your subconscious doesn’t have a chance to protest and let the subconscious or the autopilot take control.
  • Plant affirmations through autosuggestions in your subconscious mind and allow it to take over.

There is tremendous power in this.

A word of caution though. As my ex-boyfriend Per Ödling, Ph.D. and Professor, told me: “Repetition makes permanent, not perfect.” So, be careful what affirmations and autosuggestions you use. Make use of your knowledge of how your subconscious mind works, and then, make the suggestions.

This article is also found on ezine articles. 

Shanghai Tower Adventure

This is one thrilling and exhilarating adventure!
Just an ADVISORY: Don’t watch this video if you are afraid of heights.
Heights are scary to many, whether physical or professional heights. You may use EFT (Emotional Freedm Technique) to remove fear of heights and thus promote your progress towards Peak Performance!

Shanghai Tower Adventure

Law of Compensation: The Prosperity Mindset


Do you remember the concept of the Law of Compensation? Let me refresh your mind about it. This is a simple law that allows one to earn an amount of money in exact ratio with:

  • The need or demand for what you are able to do
  •  Your ability to be able to do it
  • The level of difficulty it will involve in looking for your replacement

Simply said, if you focus on your ability to do things at your very best, at all times, and you have selected a field in which there is a great need for you to provide your services, you will simply be very difficult to replace, therefore, you will be compensated with more.

So, how can you improve yourself in these essential factors of the Law of Compensation to be compensated with more?

One way of improving your ability to do things is to take on a generous attitude. Many live by the rule of give and take. They often say or think: “plus and minus” i.e. if you do that, I will give you exactly what is due to you. As the popular saying goes: I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

However, if you want to excel in the things you do, and be able to do it the right way, you need to leave everyone with the impression of increase or making people see or feel that you are doing or giving more than what is expected in return.

Take for example the Business Network International (BNI) or the business referral network. They live by the “Givers Gain” principle. It means: to give without expecting anything in return. They believe giving a little extra is, especially, is so much better. If you ask and get something back in return, that’s all you will get for the service or supply you have just provided.

But, if you give unconditionally, you will be richly rewarded, not necessarily directly, not even by the one you give to, but, generally, you will be more abundantly rewarded in many different forms.

Unconditional is the keyword here. By giving unconditionally you will leave everyone with the impression of increase. People will want to have more to do with you not because they want to take advantage of you. They simply want to be with you because you spread good around you and that is a win-win situation for everyone. You exude the feeling of generosity which contagiously makes people you are with feel better.

You get rich by doing things in a certain way, not by doing certain things. This is valid for all aspects in life, including wealth, health, as well as, happiness. Keep the stickman model in mind and it will be easier to do things in a certain way.

Empowering the Survivors of Supertyphoon Haiyan in the Philippines – a Fundraising For Emotional Wellness and Rebuilding Houses


Those who survived Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in the Philippines struggled for days without food, shelter or clean drinking water. By the roadside, scores of corpses were piled high. The stench of rotting flesh filled the air. Many lost their loved ones, their homes, their schools.

Not only do they continue to feel traumatized, their current living circumstances do not allow them any safety from future storms. The loss and trauma these people are experiencing is unfathomable.

I am supporting Sebastiaan Van Der Schrier and his team in their mission to release traumas of 10,000 still traumatized young Filipino surivors, through EFT & provide safety & security by building storm-proof schools & houses.

They are raising funds for this mission to heal and empower the Philippines. Click on the big DONATE button at this link and support us in empowering at any level!

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Preparing for our next Green Smoothie presentation

Preparing for Green Smoothie presentation

I am so proud of Maria, my 13 year old daughter. Tomorrow we have our next presentation on the topic Green Smoothies. Getting the participants motivated to use Green Smoothies for Weight Loss is our aim for our part of the course: “Passion for Life” held at Syrenparken, Saltsjö-Baden, Sweden.

Maria’s school teachers did not object at all to let her have free a day for this event. It will surely teach her more about life and working compared to what she gets during one week at school…

And we are grateful for this opportunity to get the final input to our forthcoming book “Green Smoothies – Weight Loss Recipes” before we give it to the publisher.

Green Smoothies Weight Loss Recipes

The Neuroscience of Agile Leadership

You need any more convincing on the significance of agile leadership in the workplace? Well, you got it rght here – everthing is explained based on the biological make-up of people. Read on! 

The Neuroscience of Agile Leadership