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The Power of Meeting Your Employees’ Needs


How can we make employees satisfied and productive at work?

A survey conducted on more than 19,000 people across all work levels and from different industries showed that the secret is in fulfillment of four basic needs: renewal (physical); value (emotional), focus (mental) and purpose (spiritual).

With just a little effort and even possible no financial investment, such as encouraging renewal or breaktimes, meeting these core needs give the motivation for people to give the best of themselves.

 - Tony Schwartz, and

Business bloggers at Harvard Business Review discuss a variety of business topics including managing people, innovation, leadership, and more. … Even more interestingly, there is a straight dose effect associated with meeting an employee’s core needs – meaning that the cumulative positive impact rises with each additional need that gets satisfied. … We hope the conversations that take place on will be energetic, constructive, and thought-provoking.

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The 4 Characteristics of Strategically Agile Leaders

Considered the most essential critical element which influence the way leaders think, work, and behave, strategic agility makes leaders do focused action with flexibility and alertness to keep the business moving in the desired and consistent way . 

The 4 Characteristics of Strategically Agile Leaders – CMOE

Senior executives and mid-level managers often ask us to explain the qualities and characteristics that differentiate strategic leaders from excellent leaders of other kinds. It is a fair question, one that we have been studying for over 20 years.

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Synchronicity and The Stories of Our Lives


Synchronicity is defined by the Merriam-webster dictionary through the definition of Carl Jung as  “the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality.”

I have personally experienced how events coincide in startling ways many times in my life and today was one of those days.

Earlier today, the Swedish Radio, P4 Radio Stockholm, called and wanted to have Maria and me on air about our newly-launched book, the Green Smoothies – Weight Loss Recipes, of which the details of possible broadcast I have not been made aware of. We have set  a 12:30 meeting for this tomorrow.

Excitedly, after learning about the invitation,  I started to write a text message about it to my bonusfather Alf Vigren and Siv Nordin. While doing this I got interrupted by a conversation and left it written halfway.

A few minutes later I got a call from Alf’s mobile phone number. Alf, who was one of the people I wanted to write a text message to a few minutes ago, was calling me! However, the line got cut off before I got to hear his voice.

So, I called him up and asked why he only let one tone ring. Surprisingly, it turned out that he was in his car and the cellular audio system in the car, which had been out of service for a couple of weeks, suddenly turned on by itself and called me up, of all people in his contacts list!

Occurrence of these meaningful events always go beyond my normal understanding. But what I know of, we are all interconnected and are part of a much greater system. Life is the harmonious, inspiring and magical interaction of all these.

Mastery of Terrible things and events

storm in New York 2014 3

Mastery is not measured by the number of terrible things you eliminate from your life, but by the number of times you eliminate calling them terrible.

Neale Donald Walsh, said that in a mail to me this morning.

I am thinking of this as I am trying to figure out why the new technology misbehaved somewhat for me in my last tele session, in spite of my thorough advance testing.

What did I do wrong?

is a better question instead of

How could I do such a terrible thing?

Yes, What did I do wrong, and how can I prevent it from happening again? is a lot more productive when it comes to having all your wits in place to find solutions. It brings you to another emotional level, a level more corresponding to solutions than problems. And you cant solve problems very well, if you remain on the same wavelength as the problem itself.

I got a good perspective of technical problems, when just ahead of my last tele session I received this photo from my sister living on Manhattan. A view she can see from her balcony. Storm Arthur is making its way up the east coast of America and gives reason to real stress. Real stress that is meant to make people aware about imminent danger and take valid precautions.

storm in New York 2014 4

So similarly, What can I do to minimize potential damage?

is a better question, than:

Why do this terrible weather have to strike just here?

My aware and encouraging thoughts are with you who believe you are haunted by “terrible” things and events!

Try something new: change your words, and notice how it changes your mood!

Hoping that “the gods of the traffic” are with me today

Traffic gods

I was driving to an appointment, running a bit late. Driving a bit faster than allowed speed.

To explain myself to the kids, at least somewhat, I told them we were running late and that I hoped the the gods of traffic would be with us today.

My daughter Maria, 13 years replied quickly and tranquilly:

- Of course they are, mum! They are always with you, it’s just that you don’t always understand their reasons… ”

And this should I hear from a thirteen year old!

Perhaps you start to understand why Maria and I wrote a book together…


12 Essentials for Personal Leadership


This is one interesting article I came across and a very practical one, too. A very good read for all the leaders and those who’d want to be leaders. This article once again reiterates that anyone of us can become leaders because we all have the power and capability within us to become one if we just bring out the best in us as outlined here.

12 Essentials for Personal Leadership | Entera+Partners Fri, 30 May 2014 11:55:14 GMT

The power of one is extreme: you can change a life, change a neighborhood, change a nation. Yet before anyone can lead the charge to make a difference in the world, personal leadership must be mastered. I have found in …

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GO EFT Tapping© work around for volume issue on iPhone 4s

GO EFT Tapping flow_iPhone 5

Dear GO EFT Tapping© users:

If you have experienced some issues with the volume lately, you should know it has to do with a recent update in the iTunes iOS software affecting the audio in our app.

The problem is isolated:

  • If you use iPhone 4s in the speaker mode: At a certain point, the apps volume decreases considerably and stays low.
  • The GO EFT Tapping© app works fine if you use headphones.
  • The GO EFT Tapping© app works fine in iPhone 5s, both for speaker and headphones.

Resrt assured that we have put our best iPhone app designer to work on it and he is ready with a new update latest by the end of this week. Stay tuned and down load the update by next week!

Workaround: We kindly suggest that you use headphones until you can access the updated GO EFT Tapping© app next week.

We do apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you!

Best regards, Sara Bern

About GO EFT Tapping© 

GO EFT Tapping© is an app in which you can record your disturbing emotions or symptoms. You then get a truly customized guided tapping round, with your recorded voice mixed with mine.

Tapping involves somatic stimulation of acupunture points, e.g. tapping with your fingertips on certain parts of your upper body, combined with mental training. The method is called EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is scientifically proven to lower cortisol levels immediately and substantially (24%) during tapping.

Tapping is on the forefront of neuro- and bioscience. Expect to hear more and more about it. Millions have downloaded the EFT manuals made by Gary Craig and Dr Dawson Church.

At Golden Opportunity we use tapping to increase Personal Peak Performance and for Hyper Effective Stress Management (which in turn raises the average performance as well).


What if you could reduce Pain, Phobias, Cravings etc…


Imagine if you could reduce Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, PTSD, Cravings and Cortisol:

  • Without medication
  • Without injections
  • Without having someone even touch you and
  • often very rapidly too…!

Yes, it is possible! Watch the statistics:

  • Pain: Average reduction -68%1
  • Depression: Average reduction -74%2
  • Anxiety: Average reduction -42%3
  • Phobias: Average reduction -68%4
  • PTSD: Average reduction -51%5
  • Cravings (e.g. for Food, Chocolate, Alcohol, Cigarettes): Average reduction -83%1
  • Cortisol: Average reduction -24%6

Here’s your FREE online video session with a top EFT practitioner, Dr Dawson Church’s: Click here or on the picture of the video below.

If you prefer a personal session in Swedish or English with Sara Bern,
email me at: Sara(a)

Dr. Dawson Church and EFT in a 20 minutes session


  1. Church, D., & Brooks, A. J. (2010). The effect of a brief EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) self-intervention on anxiety, depression, pain and cravings in healthcare workers. Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, 6(6), 40-44.
  2. Church, D., de Asis, M. A., & Brooks, A. J. (2012). Brief group intervention using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for depression in college students: A randomized controlled trial. Depression Research and Treatment, 2012, 1-7, doi:10.1155/2012/257172.
  3. Karatzias, T., Power, K., Brown, K., McGoldrick, T., Begum, M., Young, J. . . . & Adams, S. (2011). A controlled comparison of the effectiveness and efficiency of two psychological therapies for posttraumatic stress disorder: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing vs. Emotional Freedom Techniques. Journal of Nervous & Mental Disease, 199, 372-378. doi: 10.1097/NMD.0b013e31821cd262.
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Happy midsummer in Sweden


@Swedes: Jag hoppas er midsommar var lika bra som min.

Dagen startade med en tidig tele-workshop om att Knacka ned sommarstressen*.

Sedan var barnen mer på och med än någonsin i lekar runt midsommarstången och dragkamp. Fantastiskt god midsommarmiddag och promenad ute hos svärmor i vackra Saltsjöbaden. Avslutning i familjesoffan med en TV konsert av Wiener Philharmoniker.

Det bådar gott för semestern!

Glad sommar på er alla!
// Sara

* Knacka ned sommarstressen är en fristående serie knacknings-sessioner i avsikt att reducera stress inför sommaren.

Vi använder oss av en metod som vetenskapligt bevisat reducerar stresshormonet kortisol effektivt, i en slags kombination av akupressur och mental träning.

Nästa tillfälle att knacka med mig är:

  • på kurs i Huddinge på onsdag kväll 25/6 17:30-19:30 (300 kr, te och smörgås ingår), eller
  • per telefon 4/7 kl. 8:00-8:40 (FRITT, se det som min gåva till dig inför sommaren :-).

Anmälan till mig på Sara(a) eller FB/LinkedIn message.

Maria, 13, Sweden’s Youngest Non-fiction Author