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Release Anger, Pain and Other Emotions – Quickly and Easily – Through EFT

Studies show how profoundly harmful it is to hold on to anger in our lives. Anger causes a lot of health problems if we do not learn to release it.

Spare 10 minutes to watch this video by Nick Ortner on how he demonstrates EFT tapping for anger release, knee pain and other deep-seated emotions that block our wellness. And then, try it yourself.

Happy tapping!

Blog: 5 Surefire Ways to Sharpen Your Skills


Even people who hold top positions cannot just be complacent with where they are at present. Everyone needs to continuously hone their skills to do the best in what they do. Leaders, especially,  need to be aware of their strengths and work on improving it.

In this article, John Maxwell, the leadership and management expert, gives tips on guaranteed ways to be even better at where you’re good at.

Blog: 5 Surefire Ways to Sharpen Your Skills – John Maxwell

Recently, another leader asked me about how he should go about sharpening his skills in the areas where he was naturally gifted. He had already done something that I consider really important: he had discovered his …

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Stress Away! Another Personal Experience on Using EFT to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Today I was particularly happy to be of help as a stress expert. At the stables, one of the horses in my daughter’s group took to uncontrollable galloping several minutes, until the young rider fell off and hit the riding house wall in the fall. While a doctor who happened to be handily avail48E1B95F-6F8A-3455-9DC7-FFD51B713D5C_Fotolia_50652456_XS_EFT-tapping.jpgable checked her physical state, I tapped her mentally calmer, then her sister. Ambulance came. We then had a joint stress reduction tapping session for more girls in the cafeteria, where they could effectively and rapidly erase their immediate fear and anxiety. Phew!

You may learn more on tapping on my site:

Happy to have Ericsson access again, this time as Cybercom consultant

Sara has Ericsson access again

I got so ridiculuously happy today when achieving my access card to Ericsson premises again. As I am lucky and glad to have an assignment with Cybercom as Agile Coach, supporting the cross functional teams working with Ericsson products, I also today got an access card to make visits at the Ericsson premises in Kista easier.

It surprised me how happy I got at receiving the card. Perhaps no wonder, thought: 12+ years working at the big telecom company has put its marks, obviously.

Agile Coaching for Cybercom in cooperation with Ericssons own Agile Coaches is one of my main assignments at present. It fills me with gratitude and joy as I am allowed and encouraged to combine the coaching skills with relevant IT and Telecom experience as well as my efficient stress reduction tools.



Transform your life by transforming your daily thoughts!


“Just as a small fire is extinguished by the storm, whereas, a large fire is enhanced by it –

likewise, a weak faith is weakened by predicament and catastrophes, whereas, a strong faith is strengthened by them.”

Viktor E. Frankl

Tap Away Your Food Cravings in Minutes


Is it a great difficulty for you to make better food choices? If so, you may be one of many who have the condition called emotional eating. Try EFT or Emotional Freeddom Technique!

A recent study from Griffith University’s School of Medicine in Australia shows that performing EFT or, more popularly known as tapping,  in participants significantly reduced their cravings for sweets, which can be harmful for our body, after only 4 sessions of 2 hours each. 

Tap Away Your Food Cravings in Minutes

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Flex Your Mental Muscles to Build a Better Life – Podcast Episode 14

GO 14

Do you know that you have 6 intellectual faculties or mental muscles that can help you control your reaction to the input from your senses before your emotions take over as it normally does?

Watch this short video podcast, the 14th in our weekly series, to learn how you can use these mental muscles to become a goal achiever and why using them will lead to a more successful life!

Subscribe to iTunes. or watch it on our podcast page . You’ll also find all previous episodes on these sites.

Transform your life by transforming your daily thoughts!

Green Smoothies Wellness and Weight Loss Recipes E-book

Want to kindlefire_600x1024 (2)achieve or maintain your ideal weight without starving?

Want to be in the best of health always?

The answers to the above and more are found on our GREEN SMOOTHIES WELLNESS AND WEIGHT LOSS RECIPES e-book.

In this e-book you’ll find:

  • 50 ++ easy to make GREEN SMOOTHIE recipes
  • How to make delicious and healthy smoothies
  • What makes Green Smoothies tastier
  • Why Green Smoothies make it easier to consume vegetable nutrition in greater doses than you could ever manage to eat in a day
  • The scientific background to why the green smoothie diet is healthier than eating them as whole fruits and vegetables in regular meals
  • Why Green Smoothies may be used as meal replacement recipes. Green smoothies are complete nutritional meals by itself
  • To make health drinks that are good for low-immune, gluten-free, lactose-free, milk-free, detox and low salt diet
  • Health benefits of most fruits and vegetables that you can use for your easy smoothie recipes
  • Tips on how to make endless variations of Green Smoothies on your own for your day-to-day menu
  • How to handle emotional eating and weight issues that cannot be addressed with Green Smoothie recipes
  • And much more!

This can be the most informative Green Smoothie Recipe Book you’ll get your hands on, ever! You can read the e-book on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Be in the best of health always, and, enjoy life more with the GREEN SMOOTHIES lifestyle.

Get a copy of our e-book on Amazon, today.

Break Out From Your Limiting Beliefs – Video Podcast Episode 13

Don’t let your limiting thoughts and beliefs stop you from achieving your goals and limiting your success!

Watch this short 13th weekly video podcast episode to find out how to get through these obstacles of your success.

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Transform your life by transforming your daily thoughts!

Managing Uncertainty leads to an imminent business need for Agile Leadership capabilities

Managing Uncertainty

If you believe your business to be immune to uncertainty, you dont need to read this post. Stop here and spend your time elsewhere.

If you are a leader, desiring for you and your employees to become better at manage uncertainty, then I invite you to read further.

2008 was a trend break when it comes to uncertainty. The financial roller coaster that many believed started with the Lehman Brother issue 2008  (but in essence started already Feb 2007 with HSBC writing down its holdings with 10 US Billions) evolved into business turmoil on a global arena, on a seldom seen scale.

It took companies on average 18 months between observation and action, according to a Managing Uncertainty study by Syrett and Devine.

2008 financial crisis turned out not to be a single chaotic event, starting a traditional recession. We have continued seeing events having global immideate and long-lasting impacting business effects. The Arabic spring, Fukoshima, the smoke cloud from Island to mention a few. Apple product introductions changing the IT as well as the Telecom landscape, to mention something from my own field.

The need for Agile Leadership with capabilities supporting Managing Uncertainty has become imminent.

More imminent than I guess you find really comfortable to think about.

Therefore Myra Beckman and I have created a workshop series over 6 sessions for business leaders – Agile Leadership for Managing Uncertainty, targetting mid- and large size companies.

We find it really fun and rewarding to workshop with leaders (managers, subject matter experts, change managers and the likes) about the different aspects of Agile Leadership that supports managing uncertainty.

We dont expect for you as participant to merely learn about agile leadership for managing uncertainty.

We expect you as participant to start to gradually change into more agile leader, who is better apt to manage uncertainty, better apt to see and grasp the opportunities amidst chaos and uncertainty. And you get practical tools that empowers you to live and implement it in the daily operation right away. And we are all having fun with interactive dialogues, exercises and games!

CONTACT US NOW if you want to know more about this workshop series. Email us at and title your email: “I want to manage uncertainty better”.