About us

We support curious, caring leaders having a holistic, resultoriented mind to get more autonomus, engaged and relaxed employees. This is achieved using various tools such as coaching, seminars, workshops, change management and hyperefficient stress management.

Golden Opportunity was founded 2009. We work with open minded people who are aware that they need to change in order to create change. We work with people who realize that unless they create change, they get changed, whether they like it or not. People who want to grow as persons and as leaders, at work or at home. Or both!

In particular we love to work with business people who realize that in order to succeed on a regular basis, they need to have good tools to handle stress, both in face of new interesting challenges and when facing tough times. They see the benefit of such tools for themselves and their employees.

Our mission

To release the inherent potential in organizations and individuals through personal leadership, stress management and change management.

Our values

All our work is characterized by our core values:
* Professionalism
* Perseverance
* Care

Our people

Sara Bern

Sara BernLinkedin: se.linkedin.com/in/sarabern

Sara’s passion is helping people become, be and do more of what they truly want.

She has more than 25 years of international experience in telecommunications, computing and finance. This in the private sector as well as the public sector and from entrepreneurial work. She brings a vast experience of managing and developing people in small and large organizations. Responsibilities have been of commercial, technical as well as operational in nature.

Sara holds a Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering with industrial economics as specialty. logga utan skuggaShe is an independent licensed Life Success Consultant of the International Network of Life Success Consultants, founded by Bob Proctor. She can choose to cooperate on these change programs with the other 1000+ Life Success Consultants distributed worldwide to make a seamless offer on global basis. Sara is also certified IT architect and Certified Advanced EFT  practitioner.

Sara is also certified Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) coach and facilitator. As such she conducts RMP Profiles, coaches and facilitates workshops on the same topic: Identify your inner drivers and understand how they impact your communication. You can read more about RMP here until I get more information up on my own site.

Sara works in Swedish or English, and can speak German and Spanish as well. Sara is a published author and recognized as an Ezine Articles Expert.  As Featured On EzineArticles

High resolution images:

Bernadette Casinabe

Bernadette Casinabe

Bernadette Casinabe was our company assistant and online marketer. She is a Registered Nurse and holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with several years of working experience in both fields. 6 years in one of Philippines top 100 companies. She also started and ran a tourism company for 8 years. Bernadette recently left the company. We are very grateful for her contribution.

Maria Bern

IMG_4485_Maria  Maria is Sara’s eldest daughter, born 2000. She is also co-author of the book Green Smoothies – Weight Loss Recipes. Maria was at the date of publishing possibly the youngest non-fiction author in Sweden, Maria Bern, merely 13 years old. She is also, in spite of her few years, a very competent partner with Sara in our joint seminars / workshops on the topic. For Maria, it is important to stay healthy and alert. She has always been keen to learn and contribute to her mother’s work. In her leisure time, she plays the piano, acts, rides horses and runs orienteering in the forest.

Maria Bern high resolution images:http://a-golden-opportunity.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/IMG_4485_Maria.jpg

 An Cheng in China, is part of Golden Opportunity as our head of IOT development. an cheng
He makes our iPhone application GO EFT Tapping© work.


Networking with competent partners

cybercom loggaSara cooperates with Cybercom both as a sub-contractor for Agila Coaching and as a part-time employee Seniour Management  Consultant with focus on Agile Change Management and Agile Coaching. At present she works with assignments at the Swedish Enforcement Authority and with Ericsson AB.



CoL Logo

Sara is an Associated Partner with Change Of Lane since 2011. It is a company in the Change Management field. Via Change Of Lane we have access to many other Associated Partners that are all experienced change agents with either line management or solid management consultant background.  col business model

We love to work with:

  • insightful leaders that realize the need to change the business model and the associated mindset within the organization to continue to be creative and competitive.
  • leaders who are sick and tired of trying to implement glossy PowerPoints from the big large management consultancy firms.
  • leaders who want to find new business / services simultaneously with cost savings in existing fields and who want to support their staff to become more self-sufficient, better able to implement new processes faster and with greater motivation.

So to summarize, together with Cybercom, Change Of Lane and their partners, we at Golden Opportunity have the experience and the muscles to meet the big companies any day.


Sara is board member of the EFT Association, for professional EFT tappers in Sweden. This is the go to place, if you want support and structure to work with permanent stress reduction in Sweden, both on a professional and a personal level.




Golden Opportunity does of course have F-skattesedel (i.e. Swedish tax registration) and the relevant insurances.