Business Driven Interaction Management

By utilizing business measures we provide one of the most efficient tools to drive management decisions with a market perspective.


Do you want an organization that can address all obstacles and efficiently work towards the same goal?BDIM_TRANSP


Because interfacing roles in organizations may have different responsibilities to solve operative or strategic issues. They may even lack a speaking partner on the same level. This leads to an organization where much energy is spent on solving wrong issues.


We use in-depth interviews of stakeholders in and around the company and as well as an analysis of steering documents, agreements, measurement models etc. The areas of investigation are initially tailored for this specific interaction situation.


You will get a resulting report with a gap analysis of roles, organization and processes as well as a road map of how to significantly improve the situation. The report will show suggestions of short, medium and long term improvements. The report will be presented in a joint workshop with the stakeholders. You will find that your staff will have stretched themselves to resolve many of the issues before the presentation workshop. Even things that may have been perceived as old unsolvable “sourdoughs”.


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