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kindlefire_600x1024 (2)Here’s good news to look forward to…

The Ebook Edition of the GREEN SMOOTHIES WELLNESS AND WEIGHT LOSS RECIPES is almost ready!

It  contains a lot of informative information such as

  • 50++ simple and easy-to-do recipes,
  • how to make your green smoothies tastier and easier to consume in large amounts,
  • health benefits you can derive from the ingredients you choose,
  • how make endless variations
  • and more!

It also comes with full of photos to make your reading more colorful and interesting.  We expect to come out with it on Amazon in the next few days.

You can download the ebook using the Kindle app on smartphones, the Kindle software for PC or using the Kindle gadget.

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Tiger Smoothie With a Sting

Are you awakened in the middle of the night because of a stuffy or runny-nose? Having nasal congestion can really become annoying. In that moment you’d wish of nothing else but a clearer and easier way to breathe.

Yesterday, with a stuffy nose annoying me, I thought of going to our kitchen to try out a new blender, which we may package with the next smoothie book of ours. For this main reason I wanted to put in solid vegetables, in this case ginger, in my smoothie. I added some ruccola, an orange and a banana.

The smoothie became really smooth, but, I could sense the strong smell and knew that it would be too much for my taste.

So I made a second smoothie using crisp salad and bananas. I then poured the two smoothie mixtures together and came up with a delicious blend.

But wait,  not only that! Drinking it made my stuffy nose open up completely and it even made my feet warm. My daughter, Maria  right away said: “Save the recipe for a runny nose-day”. Thus the name: Tiger Smoothie with a sting!

Green Smoothies: 10 and More Ways Why It’s Perfect for Your Special Diet

Some people have particular health requirements that require them to have special dietary needs. People who need a low cholesterol diet need dishes that help promote a healthy cholesterol balance. Diabetes-friendly diets need to be low on sugar and sweet ingredients. A low salt diet would mean meals that are low on sodium. There are so many different kinds of diets for varied reasons. Some special diets are enforced on people due to health conditions while others do it by choice.

Having special dietary requirements make it difficult and inconvenient to eat out of the comforts of one’s own home where you can prepare your meals for your wellness. It’s doubly hard to accept dinner invitations, even if your friends know your situation, because you know they have to go out of their way to provide your dietary needs. But then, preparing our own food tailored to meet our nutritional needs can also become a burden, especially when we are always on the go, which everyone is in the world we are in these days.

Green smoothies, a concoction of leafy greens and fruits, are not only delicious, flexible, fast and easy to prepare, but more importantly, offers the right and complete nutrition for people with special diets. Yes, you could say it’s a superfood that addresses special food needs through the following ways:

  1. Vegetarian Diet: Green smoothies do not contain any meat or its by-products.
  2. Low Salt: No salt ingredients are placed in green smoothie recipes which also make it safe for babies.
  3. Low Fat, Low Cholesterol: Fruits and leafy vegetables contain no cholesterol so they are the perfect food for this diet.
  4. Diabetic: With less proportion or totally none of some fruits which contain high sugar, green smoothie recipes still taste fine and nutritionally perfect for this special diet.
  5. Organic: It is quite easy to find organic fruits and vegetables in supermarkets today to use in your green smoothies to suit your diet.
  6. Macrobiotic Diet: Whole foods comprise most of green smoothie recipes making it extremely healthy.
  7. Raw Food: Green smoothies can easily be made using raw ingredients or may be easily tweaked to contain raw fillers.
  8. Egg Free: None of green smoothie recipes contain egg or egg products.
  9. Allergy: It’s very easy to adapt a green smoothie to fit your special dietary needs by removing particular types of fruit or vegetable ingredients you are allergic to.
  10. Nut Free: While some of the green smoothie recipes suggest inclusion of nuts, one can easily put in a substitute or simply remove seeds.

These are just a few examples of various diets that some people have and which green smoothies perfectly suit up to. Tweak it, make it simple, nutritious and delicious and it easily addresses your dietary requirements. Whatever your diet, a glass of green smoothie can be your nutritional partner!

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From smoothies to pesto to almond butter: 13 blenders reviewed

Aren’t we all enjoying our Green Smoothies? But, I beleive we all have to agree that in enjoying our Green Smoothies, we have our blenders to thank for. Blenders have now  become the best friends of Green Smoothies drinkers. With the number of models available in the market, it sometimes becomes a concern which is best to use.

Does the wattage make a difference? Does higher price mean a better product? These and other questions may be answered in this review of the top 13 blenders in the market with prices widely ranging from $50 to a hefty $500.

From smoothies to pesto to almond butter: 13 blenders reviewed

From smoothies to pesto to almond butter: 13 blenders reviewed

Aren’t we all enjoying our Green Smoothies? But, I beleive we all have to agree that in enjoying our Green Smoothies, we have our blenders to thank for. Blenders have now  become the best friends of Green Smoothies drinkers. With the number of models available in the market, it sometimes becomes a concern which is best to use.

Does the wattage make a difference? Does higher price mean a better product? These and other questions may be answered in this review of the top 13 blenders in the market with prices widely ranging from $50 to a hefty $500.

From smoothies to pesto to almond butter: 13 blenders reviewed

Oxalic Acid in Spinach

I’ve read and seen many articles warning readers of the posioning dangers of alkaloids from using greens in our Green Smoothies. While it’s true that greens can give us mild poisoning, it really doesn’t happen easily.  

This article by Victoria Boutenko clearly explains when alkaloids can become harmful for our bodies. Here she explains that alkaloids are actually present in most greens to prevent its extinction. What you should know though is that, poisoning from alkaloids, though mild, is very easy to avoid – it’s just a matter of simply rotating your greens.

I often receive questions about oxalic acid, an alkaloid in spinach. It is important to understand that all greens have a small amount of alkaloids, and these alkaloids exist to keep edible plants from being eaten into extinction. Spinach has oxalic acid, lettuce …

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10 Reasons to Eat Green Smoothies

Heard of Green Smoothies but still hesitant to try it? Wel, here are 10 simple but healthy reasons for you to try it today. In addition to these 10 wonderful reasons to start drinking Green Smoothies, you can also pick up some answers to some common concerns in preparations and food combinations. Happy healthy drinking!

10 Reasons to Eat Green Smoothies | Real Food For Life

Green smoothies have amazing health benefits but do they really taste good? … I first learned of the raw movement and green smoothies from Victoria Boutenko of the ‘Raw Family’. She is truly the ‘Queen of … Food combining concerns? Vegetables and fruits together? You may have heard that it is not good to combine fruits and vegetables. True to some extent; starchy vegetables like carrots, cauliflower and broccoli do not combine well with fruits. In fact they will …

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Does Blending Reduce the Benefits of Fiber?

Ever since the Green Smoothies have become the latest health craze, many articles have come out giving one or two negative issues of it. Not spared is the talk that blending reduces the benefits of fiber. Well, this article by Green Smoothie advocate clearly dispels that rumour and even supports it by scientific findings showing how ingesting finely ground fiber in our digestive system increases nutrient absorption, and reduces bloating, heartburn, and constipation.

Does Blending Reduce the Benefits of Fiber? | Raw Family

Lately I have come across several statements about blending destroying or reducing the benefits of fiber. … This study found that both fine and coarse fiber have only 2% difference in performance, favoring the smaller fiber.

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Breaking Terror Barriers Within You to Achieve Growth and Development

Let me try to explain the process of how to break terror barriers to expand your comfort zone.

First step in the psychological process of experiencing growth is called bondage. In spite of the mental ability to choose, a person uses the energy flowing into him to think usual thoughts, creating the same internal images and, as a consequence, gets the same type of results.

Then comes a new intriguing idea, an idea out of the ordinary! The person then starts to reason. chains-19176_1280 (2)The idea gets accepted on the intellectual level, but, it is still far from getting accepted on the emotional level.

The idea only remains in the intellectual level because it simply does not resonate with the paradigm prevailing in the subconscious mind. The person, therefore, continues to get the same type of results as before because it is the subconscious that dominates our thoughts and decisions. Even though the person does not get the results he wants, he is still comfortable with where he is because he has been living in that same quality of life every day, probably even for most of his life.

The thing is, he can’t just dismiss this idea. It continues to come back and wants attention. He starts to get emotionally involved. The moment the idea is impressed on the old mind conditioning, the electrical system in the person’s body goes haywire and puts him into a mixed vibration. Worry, fear and anxiety strikes so fast and hard that it puts the person in a complicated state of emotions.

This is common in people and is a remnant from our ancient life out in the wild. When facing a threat of some kind, it is natural for the body to react as if it was facing a wild lion on the prairies. All sorts of stressful emotions and bodily reactions appears, and tries to get your attention.

At this stage, development and growth ceases. Everything is put on high alert to prepare for survival through the ‘fight or flight’ defense mechanism of the person. A part of the brain called the amygdala even screams at you to do something!

Why? The new idea is pushing this person forward but the old conditioning, the paradigm, is driving him back. The conflict is unbearable. Persons in this state can’t improve their lives, They don’t want to go back, yet, they can’t stay where they are. It is therefore important to look into the why? Why do I want to do this? Why do I want to plunge forward? Does it lead me in the direction of my goals? Does it hurt anyone? Will it improve my life? If the answer to those questions is a resounding yes; then, you should push yourself the terror barrier!

A lack of understanding of what is going on internally often causes the person to retreat to familiar territory. He quickly bounces off the terror barrier all the way back to bondage. The person rationalizes to himself why it is a good place to be there. It’s comfortable and it’s familiar. It comes naturally for him to choose to settle in that situation.

But, as Abraham Maslow states, ‘You will have a choice here in front of the terror barrier: step forward into growth, or you will step back into safety! Reach for the freedom which becomes your new comfort zone. You will evolve in the process. You will come out on the other side stronger and more prepared for the next round of challenge. You won’t rid yourself of the fear, though. Facing the terror barrier on another occasion will still cause you to experience fear, but it is easier to handle it this time.’

My mentor puts it this way: Do it afraid!

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60-pound Weight Loss – Green Smoothies Inspiration

Green smoothies have made such a big difference in many people’s lives, especially in overall health.  Andrea, back in 2012, decided to start drinking green smoothies because she observed that she lacked energy and could barely go a mile. At the same time, she wanted to lose weight. She drank green smoothies daily and has lost 60 pounds since then!

Drinking green smoothies have also taught her to be particular of what she eats..Beef and pork. are now out of her diet. She also eats a lot less sugar and carbs. 

These days, not only does she feel much more energized and healthier, but even her family  has also started to drink green smoothies!

60-Pound Weight Loss – Green Smoothie Inspirations …

Over the last year, Andrea has made some incredible changes. Since she started using the Green Smoothie Health and Weight Loss program, she has lost 60 pounds and has started running! If you have an inspiring story about how green …

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