• Do you feel stuck?
  • Do you need a sounding board?
  • Do you want to achieve more or something radically different?
  • Do you need help to make changes last? To be able to hold on to new habits?
  • Do you need help in reducing stress?
  • Do you want help removing a fear or trauma?
  • Do you want to improve your interpersonal relationships?
  • Do you want fresh perspectives on personal and work challenges?

We can most certainly provide support for clients, whether individuals or groups, who need help to the above; identify individual’s strengths and tap on these to achieve what they want more of in life and at work and reach their utmost potential faster to live more fulfilling lives.

We offer coaching programs in various forms and packages for individuals, groups or organizations to enhance performance and promote productivity, be satisfied with life and work and attain relevant goals.

Please read over our coaching programs below to determine which one is most appropriate for your needs. We would also love to hear from you so we can give you more information on what coaching program is best for you and help you find out what coaching can do for you.

Talk to us and TRANSFORM your life forever!


business-coachingOrganizational changes are essential to succeed in today’s complex and dynamic business world. And for organizational changes to be effective, leaders and managers are the critical tools in its implementation.

An executive coach supports leaders by helping them reach insights, remove mental blocks and develop specific competencies enabling them to achieve their utmost potential and increase performance of their organization. An executive coach facilitates and enables leaders and managers to reach their goals faster; solve difficult problems more effectively; leading to improved performance. You develop leadership behaviors that strengthen corporate culture. Working with executive coaches gives leaders, managers, their teams and their companies a competitive advantage.

Group Of Businesspeople Meeting Around Boardroom Table

Many successful companies now deploy most of their employees in collaborating teams and which have produced remarkable results. Based on research, working in teams increases motivation, effort, and productivity among employees.

The team coach provides a continuous professional relationship that focuses on creating high performance teams through increased awareness, improved communication and nurturing a good feedback culture. Team coaching promotes growth, both in individuals and teams, resulting in a significantly increased likelihood of the team’s goal achievement.

Benefits include:

  • Improvement of own ways of working
  • Increased capacity to develop cooperation, to create and maintain
    long-term relationships
  • Improved communication within the team and with its interfacing parties.
  • Increasing skills and willingness to share positive and constructive feedback, and to ask for feedback
  • Increased understanding of what happens in interpersonal relationships, especially in conflict situations
  • Increased capacity to prevent conflict
  • Training in negotiating in the event of conflicting interests.
  • Increased awareness of own feelings, motivations and behaviors in communication and conflict
  • Understanding of the inner driving forces, how they affect one’s communication and typical conflicts.
  • Knowledge of how to engage others based on their own inner drivers.
  • Training in having good conversation and team dialogues
  • Tools and techniques that participantscan use themselves


Multi-ethnic businesspeople having meetingAgile Coaching is an effective method to facilitate continuous improvement of self-organizing development teams.The agile coach does not tell the team what’s wrong in what they’re doing, but empowers them via regular reflections to think, to Fotolia_32038550_XS_croppedtake responsibility and to discover a better path to become a more self-organizing, high-performance team. A team where the members feel equally committed to a common purpose, goals and working approach , for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. Agile coaching includes team coaching as well as individual coaching of Scrum/KanBan Masters, Product Owners and related line Management.

Agile coaching is a process where the coach looks at the team as an observer to study and identify issues, whether with work or attitude, that keep the team from being more effective in their line of work. The agile coach will then collaborate with the Scrum/KanBan Master, Product Owners, line managers and occasionally also with the entire team, to help them become more aware and more agile in their way of working.
Benefits include:

  • Team coaching benefits listed above as well as
  • Improved knowledge of Agile WoW
  • Improvement of own Agile WoW
  • Tools and techniques that participants, Scrum / Kanban Masters and team leaders can use themselves


While almost eTherapist listening to her talking patientveryone has a good idea of what kind of life he wants, putting it into reality remains a thing to do. And for many, you have to learn to think differently and push you to greatness.

The life coach assists clients to go through self-discovery to recognize their life skills, strengths and talents, and, use these to reach their full potential and their life goals, or, to overcome hurdles or major transitions in their personal life, relationships or career.



We are also specialized in a less known coaching form called EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques.

EFT is used primarily for achieving freedom of negative or disturbing feelings that are blocking you from your peak performance. EFT helps you achieve more, experience less stress and have more fun, by removing blocks for your innate flow and ability to Peak Performance. Many also get fast, and often, permanent relief from physical ailments as a result of EFT coaching, even though the target was to remove a mental hinder.

Sara taps Karate chopEFT is a special highly effective coaching technique with simultaneous tapping with your own fingers on acupuncture points. No needles are involved at all! In essence it is a form of mental training with acupressure.

It is an evidence based method, proven to be effective on 85-90% of the ones trying. A big study showed that elimination of an unwanted emotional or physiological reaction to a specified trigger could typically be achieved in three or fewer acupoint tapping sessions according to 94% of the respondents, and within a single session according to 71% of the respondents.

The method is now spreading rapidly around the globe. With scientific evidence now mounting up, it is expanding out from alternative treatment. Major league players use EFT for peak performance, reducing tension and speeding up healing of injuries in golf, baseball, hockey etc. Primary care in UK have realized the benefit and starts to train their personal in EFT. Artists use it to calm nerves and perform at their very best. Top shot executives have started to find this “secret weapon” too.

If you suffer from any of the below, you may benefit from using EFT:

Try tapping onThis tapping technique specifically lowers the stress hormone cortisol with 24% during one session. Relief in related physical symptoms are often a positive spin off effect. You can read more about Sara’s extraordinary personal experience with this technique at our specific EFT site:

Sara will teach you how to do EFT yourself, so that you get a very powerful tool for self development to use in any situation, right at your fingertips. The goal is not to make you dependent of a new practitioner/therapeut/coach. On the contrary, we want to put you in the driver’s seat of your own health and well being. Often you can learn the EFT basics for self administration and get good relief or a goo start in as little as 1-3 sessions. Some issues may take longer time and expert guiding.


We are now also happy to be able to offer coaching using the BSFF method. BSFF is an abbreviation for Be Set Free Fast™. That in turn is an abbreviation for:

  • Behavioural & Emotional
  • Symptom Elimination Training
  • For Resolving Excess Emotions:
  • Fear, Anger, Sadness, Trauma.

A scInhaling. Breathing womanientific explanation of Be Set Free Fast™ is that is it an integrated cognitive behavioral and psycho-dynamic process that reliably stimulates a parasympathetic relaxation response to resolve and extinguish those biological pathways in the brain and body which store subconscious emotional memories of traumatic or dysphoric events, thereby also eliminating the targeted emotional, psychological and mind-body symptoms previously triggered by environmental or mental stimuli and causing  problems in living.

This is a very long explanation for a very simple stress reducing method which is extremely fast and effective to use. With BSFF you re-wire your subconscious mind to react  in another much more productive way to previously stressful triggering events/situations/people etc.

Sara Bern is a BSFF practitioner and had achieved several life changing improvements in remarkably short time with this technique.  She has also personally witnessed several huge personal changes that would take months or years with traditional methods to accomplish.

  • Severe presentation panic,
  • war related trauma,
  • personal conflicts with great anxiety
  • and much more was dissolved literal in no time, compared to traditional methods, with lasting results.

BSFF can often work on a broader subjects, faster than EFT. Similar to EFT, BSFF targets emotional challenges. When they are solved,  faster or  even spontaneous healing of physical ailments takes place as a spinoff. Sara will teach you how to do BSFF yourself, so that you get a very powerful tool for self development to use in any situation.

With both GO EFT coaching and GO BSFF coaching you can achieve large effect sizes in symptom reduction in a relatively short time. You can get to and resolve core issues in a fraction of the time, compared to traditional talk therapy.

Let’s work together on what you have, where you are! Call me or email me or contact me on social media.