[GO] 40: Achieve Your Goals Through Imagineering and Visualization

I just added a new podcast on achieving goals through so calle dimagineering and visualization.

Have a look at it at itunes or directly at my vlog: [GO] 40: Achieve Your Goals Through Imagineering and Visualization

You know, sometime this piece is the missing link to getting there. You are doing all things right to get to your goal, but something prevents you. Usually then, something in your subconscious is holding you back. You need to reprogram yourself.

Ever since I started my own company I have had a financial goal sometime to have the same income as previously paid employee (as a manager in an international company iwth 35 subordinates), but working only half of the time as entrepreneur, with all the freedom it brings. It has been the most difficult goal to reach for me.

So last summer, as I got a stomach flue and then an infection in india, was doomed to stay in the hotel room as my family toured the country we were visiting, I really made up my mind to use my tools and energy to remove the block and imagineer my living this goal intensively.

Thereafter it took me only a couple of months and then I reached my goal. Imagineering and visualization did the trick for me.

Oh, and I combined the Imagineering with Lifeflow to intensify the effect. More on that in another podcast. Stay tuned!

Have a really nice weekend! // Sara