Healthy Life Style

What is a healthy life style for you?

  • More action?
  • Less stress?
  • Healthier body?
  • More exercise?
  • Better food?
  • More harmony in the family?

Both your mind and body needs to be healthy. You can get services and tools for both from us.

for your mind and body


Healthy Life Style for Your Mind

For a healthy mind, you have really good use of coaching/mentoring, reduced stress levels and a continuous removal of emotional blocks.

We can support you with traditional coaching in various forms and packages. For individuals as well as teams. See more of that here.

We are also specialized in a less known coaching form called EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Sara taps Karate chopEFT is a special highly effective coaching technique with simultaneous tapping with your own fingers on acupuncture points. No needles are involved at all! In essence it is a form of mental training with acupressure.

The method is now spreading rapidly around the globe. With scientific evidence now mounting up, it is expanding out from alternative treatment. Major league players use EFT for peak performance, reducing tension and speeding up healing of injuries in golf, baseball, hockey etc. Primary care in UK have realized the benefit and starts to train their personal in EFT. Artists use it to calm nerves and perform at their very best. Top shot executives have started to find this “secret weapon” too.

EFT is used primarily for achieving freedom of negative or disturbing feelings that are blocking you from your peak performance. EFT helps you achieve more, experience less stress and have more fun, by removing blocks for your innate flow and ability to Peak Performance. Many also get fast and often permanent relief from physical ailments as a result of EFT coaching, even though the target was to remove a mental hinder.

If you suffer from any of the below, you may benefit from using EFT:

Try tapping onThis tapping technique specifically lowers the stress hormone cortisol with 24% during one session (on average, as much as 50% has been measured). Relief in related physical symptoms are often a positive spin off effect. You can read more about Sara’s extraordinary personal experience with this technique at our specific EFT site:

Sara will teach you how to do EFT yourself, so that you get a very powerful tool for self development to use in any situation, right at your fingertips.

The goal is not to make you dependent of a new practitioner/therapeut/coach. On the contrary, we want to put you in the driver’s seat of your own health and well being. Often you can learn the EFT basics for self administration and get good relief or a goo start in as little as 1-3 sessions. Some issues may take longer time and expert guiding.

We are now also happy to be able to offer coaching using the BSFF method. BSFF is an abbreviation for Be Set Free Fast™. That in turn is an abbreviation for:

  • Behavioural & Emotional
  • Symptom Elimination Training
  • For Resolving Excess Emotions:
  • Fear, Anger, Sadness, Trauma.

A scientific explanation of Be Set Free Fast™ is that is it an integrated cognitive behavioral and psycho-dynamic process that reliably stimulates a parasympathetic relaxation response to resolve and extinguish those biological pathways in the brain and body which store subconscious emotional memories of traumatic or dysphoric events, thereby also eliminating the targeted emotional, psychological and mind-body symptoms previously triggered by environmental or mental stimuli and causing  problems in living.

This is a very long explanation for a very simple stress reducing method which is extremely fast and effective to use. With BSFF you re-wire your subconscious mind to react  in another much more productive way to previously stressful triggering events/situations/people etc.

Sara Bern is a BSFF practitioner and had achieved several life changing improvements in remarkably short time with this technique.  She has also personally witnessed several huge personal changes that would take months or years with traditional methods to accomplish.

  • Severe presentation panic,
  • war related trauma,
  • personal conflicts with great anxiety
  • and much more was dissolved literal in no time, compared to traditional methods, with lasting results.

BSFF can often work on a broader subjects, faster than EFT. Similar to EFT, BSFF targets emotional challenges. When they are solved,  faster or  even spontaneous healing of physical ailments takes place as a spinoff.

Sara will teach you how to do BSFF yourself, so that you get a very powerful tool for self development to use in any situation.

With both GO EFT coaching and GO BSFF coaching you can achieve large effect sizes in symptom reduction in a relatively short time, and you can get to and resolve core issues in a fraction of the time, compared to traditional talk therapy.

Healthy Life Style for Your Body

Healthy livingFor a healthier body, we like to promote Green Smoothies. They contain greens or salad mixed with fruits and a little water in a mixer. Greens are not equal to Vegetables. Greens actually contain more valuable nutrients than any other food on the planet, however all of this nutrient is contained within the cells of the plant. To efficiently release all of the valuable nutrients from the cells it has ot be thoroughly crushed. It’s also rather hard in today’s society to chew enough of green leaves that we need so therefore, it is a good idea to mix them.

Read more in our book, that Sara wrote with her daughter, Maria, merely 13 years old. Making her the youngest non-fiction writer in Sweden in the process.

Greens are with few exceptions the flat leaves of a plant, attached to the stem and hat can be wrapped around your finger. Green Smoothies contain proteins, believe it or not! And that is because greens contain proteins!

You have all heard mother or grand mother say: Chew your food thoroughly! Well, I never understood that the chewing really brought out important nutrients from the food (I just thought she was over protective and did not want me to choke on the food!). You bring the nutrients out better when the greens are blended, or chewed very very thoroughly. Cow

Like the cows. But we are no cows with 4 stomachs. However, we may have access to a blender.

Green smoothies are tasty, extremely handy as well as healthy. Primarily they help your cells in the body to take up nutrients better and also to expel waste products efficiently. As a result your metabolism is improved, regardless if you are overweight or underweight.

Maintain a healthy life style by drinking 1 liter of green smoothies per day. Eat what ever you like for the rest of it. You will find that naturally your body will reduce its sugar cravings etc.Green Smoothies Weight Loss Recipes

Many other wonderful effects on a variety of illnesses (even many so called chronic conditions) can be expected if you increase the amount to 2 liters daily, according to Victoria Boutenko, the originator of these type of green smoothies.

Together with her daughter, Maria, Sara has written a recipe book with all tasty Green Smoothies that the family has tested over the years. Green Smoothies -Weight Loss Recipes is now available at Amazon and to name a few.

You can find out more on the content of the book here and order as well. This is a book that not only gives you over 50 recipes, it give you all you need to make all variations you like and need.

Until you can lay your hands on it, you may want to try this:

  • Mix mango, apple and salad leaves of your choice with a water.
  • Stir, decorate and serve cold.
  • Enjoy!
  • Exchange fruits according to your taste and to get variation.

Adding coconut milk is one of my own favorites. Burns fat fast and is delicious!

NEWS: We have now published a variant of our printed book as an e-Book. Get it at Amazon: “Green Smoothies Wellness and Weight Loss Recipes“.
green smoothies wellness and weightloss recipes

Tools for making green smoothies?

Well you need a mixer or a blender to make green smoothies. To get the full nutrition benefits and really tasty smooth green smoothies, use a high speed blender with 30 000 rpm. In this way, the cellulose plant cell walls are efficiently broken and a high concentration of nutrients is swiftly made available. An excellent and tasty alternative to chewing as many hours a day as our friend, the cow.

Oh, and if you don’t have a good mixer or blender already, allow me to recommend a well-known brand of high-speed blender for Green Smoothies. VitaMix is very well known for its quality and duration. It will last you for generations to come. And it reduces the already little time it take sot make the smoothies. This because you do not need to pre-cut the fruits. Remove the stem of an apple, for example and tuck it in, fruit house, seeds and all. Still rendering a nice and smooth smoothie. Recommended by raw food professionals and amateurs alike, all over the world.

This Vitamix blender offers:

  • More efficient 2 peak horsepower motor, 120 volt, 60 hz, 11.5 amps
  • High-efficiency radial cooling fan
  • Low-friction ball-bearing motor built to last a lifetime
  • Heavy-duty, hide-away safety cord extends 19″ to 6′ and has a grounded 3-prong plug  
  • Accelerator tool with specially-designed collar to prevent tool from hitting blades helps process thicker mixtures with ease

If you want a less bulky, still high quality blender, I suggest the Personal Blender.

This PB 150 blender offers:

  • 110V Model
  • Compact blender set, with 2 large blend-n-serve cups and lids
  • Blending/grinding blades are completely enclosed during operation, making it impossible to come in contact with spinning blades
  • The powerful 200 watt motor easily blends all your favorite ingredients, including ice, and grinds all your grains, nuts, and seeds
  • 2 modes of operation: One touch pulse and press and twist continuous modes for blending and grinding to that perfect consistency
  • The polycarbonate blend-n-serve cups are virtually unbreakable, they?re made from the same material that?s used in bullet-proof glass

Try what ever blender you have at home.  It might not last you for any duration, and you might not get out all chunks. But at least you get a good whiff of what green smoothies can be for you.



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