How mirror neurons helps your learning – and Success Denominators…

Dear blogreader, there has been a lot of things going on lately and my podcasts have therefore been announced late. See podcast links below.

Last month I thought I would  get less work to do at Cybercom on the agile teams in Kista as some activity was moved, and I risked standing there with only one half time assignment, and some odd coaching customers. So I started to ponder other opportunities:

As a consultant you have to work on keeping doors open all the time. Well, as things turned out:

  • I could increase my time at the Swedish Enforcement Authority
  • I also took some courses & seminars on RMP.
  • And established a partnership with RMP-Nordic and Orangino Work.
  • Then Cybercom’s customer in Kista suddenly changed their mind and wanted to keep some of my related agile teams and my related coaching services was again wanted.
  • And several customers suddenly also wanted to know more about the Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) and the Orangino Work method and tools. Invitations hailing…

Now I am at the position to choose between activities and customers that are both fun, rewarding as well as exciting.

Wow, yes! I am so grateful and happy! It always pays off to invest in good quality education, sooner or later!

You may now want to check out my thoughts in these latest podcasts, thoughts that have been instrumental also in these last successes:

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Best regards, Sara