Orangino Work

We find Orangino Work being a very good group development method and tool.

Are you as a leader wrestling with such questions as:
How do we improve the interaction and acheive a more open communication climate in the team?
How we get teams to become more self-organizing and performing?

Orangino Work can help you with this! It is a dialogue method in a game format comprising various exercises and a very flexible toolbox to improve teamwork and increase engagement. The dialogues make the team more dynamic and develop the success behaviours and thereby contributes to even better results.

We use to say that Orangino Work speeds up the groups way towards a high performing team. As one of our participants said after playing Orangino Work:

  • “Prepared package! Light weight preparation for leader/facilitator, with a tremendous value on the resulting output!”

orangino work boxA recent study at the University of Lund, demonstrates its effects. The Orangino tool has revitalized many organizations, increased job satisfaction and improved performance.

We offer:

  • Facilitated team dialogue workshops 
  • Swedish course via Informator.se :
    Teamwork Gamification – framgångsbeteende med Orangino Work
  • Certification programs (via Cybercom or Orangino AB)