Product Management

Achieve a competitive and profitable offering by prioritizing product management activities.


Do you want to accomplish a competitive and profitable offering matched towards customer needs?


Because you will be able to prioritize development, sales and marketing activities in such a way that it brings benefits to both your business and to your customers. You will capture present market opportunities and get the capacity to expand them over time. The essence is always value for money and lasting solutions.


By using thorough and proven product management activities, you will get control of the entire product or solution life cycle from early business opportunity until product substitution and end of life. We offer you a broad range of product management services. You may choose to use the full kit or select a few services based on your business needs and plans.product management_transp

The service offering includes;
* portfolio definition and packaging,
* market road map outline,
* content and communication,
* life-cycle-definition and handling,
* market opportunity study and tracing,
* product requirements,
* financial case analysis and
* introduction & launch of full portfolio or selected product/solution.


You will get support in selected activities and a set of documents and presentations appropriate for each of the specified product management services. We do adapt the specific documents, outline and content depending on your needs, where our reference templates and documents serve as the basis.


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