RMP – Reiss Motivation Profile

Like a fingerprint, each human being has his individual motivation profile that shows information on the expression of the 16 basic desires.

The Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) is a concrete, detailed image of a person’s individual basic desires, motives and values. When you know your own basic desires, it is possible to develop true value-based happiness and improve your performance in many areas of life.

The benefits from using RMP are manyfold:

  • Increase good leadership
  • Build a team that truly understands each other
  • Put people in the right jobs
  • Recruit the people with right motivations
  • Be a firm that – truly – values its employees
  • Reduce sick-leaves and burnouts
  • Benchmarking motivation? Perhaps you would like to do RMP profiling on your own Scrum Masters and
    compare their inner driving forces with those of the Cybercom Kista Scrum Master team?

The results are much more stabile than the majority similar tools out there. This is because RMP measures the core, inner WHY, not the WHAT and HOW?  That is, what is really driving you, also when the intellect is not active in steering behaviours and actions. RMP measures not only what is driving you and the team forwards, but also to what extent!

RMP is furthermore situation independant, which makes it a really versatile tool. This tool stems from Psychologist Steven Reiss’ research. The 16 basic desires comes from extensive research in America,  Europe and Asia. They are universal and independant of eachother.

Over 100 000 persons worldwide have made the RMP profile.

What is an RMP profile?

  • 15-30 min on-line surveylogo_rmp
  • individual results of 16 life motives, (including intensity of intrinsic desire)
  • simple, easy-to-understand graph and report
  • feedback discussion with a certified coach

We also use the RMP profiles as input to some of our team and leadership workshops, such as:

We can also do efficient Partner and Group profiling using RMP.  Read more about RMP here.

Saras own inner motives looks like this diagram below, from the helicopterview.

Sara Bern_motives_en_16