Sourcing Advisory

Do you want to find your sourcing approach?
Do you need advice to implement right-sourcing, and out-task what is most efficient for your business?
Do you want a partner to find an optimal starting point for your sourcing strategy?


You may want to be able to focus more on your core business.
Processes may be done more efficiently.
You may consider outsourcing parts of your operations or centralizing functions to shared service centers.
You need a solution that is tailor-made with the right quality, meeting your business requirements.



By using experienced sourcing advisors you will get guidance through important questions like: “What capabilities are needed to meet our core business requirements, and how can we obtain them?” Instead of just asking: “-What should we outsource and to whom?”

Outside experience helps you structure the sourcing project, which improves price/performance and increases the control of your results. We provide support in all parts of the sourcing process.Sourcing Advisory2_transp

You will get experienced sourcing advisers and relevant project resources. You will through the consultants get access to experience and best practice, modeled to your specific needs.


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