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EFT as stress reducing method is gaining momentum now

Kaiser Permanente recommends EFT for PTSD


Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest health insurance providers and hospital systems in the USA, came out this summer with recommendations for using Emotional Freedom Techniques on PTSD.

The Kaiser Permanente Journal suggests that 5 sessions be used for those at risk for PTSD and 10 sessions for those that have full blown PTSD.

This is another sign that the mainstream mental health community is taking EFT seriously!
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U.S. Veterans Administration Approves EFT for Treatment

“Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has been approved as a “generally safe” therapy by the U.S. Veterans Administration (VA). After reviewing the extensive evidence for the safety and efficacy of EFT, a group of experts in the VA’s Integrative Health Coordinating Center published a statement approving EFT and several other complementary and integrative health (CIH) practices.
The approval means that VA therapists will be able to use EFT with their clients suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety, pain and other conditions…”

I apologize: It is not out of print ….

To all concerned book interested: Adlibris.se has a fault on their website, stating that my book:
Lugn i stormen: EFT: Första hjälpen för den sjuka jobbstressen
is out of print. Only the E-book is shown there right now:

The first print I made was sold out within 2 weeks after release. But now I have placed the book with BoD as a print on demand house, so it should never go out of print…

The fault is reported to Adlibris and I have asked them for the names of those who tried in vain so I can apologize. Of course they will not give me those out of integrity reasons. Therefore I apologize here instead! 

Should you have been affected, send me a copy of the original “Out of Print” message of Adlibris or your book vendor in this period, and I will happily give you a 50% discount on a personal, individual EFT session with me per telephone or Skype.

I wish you all a Happy New 2017 with many new interesting books to read.

Sara Bern

Tapping invades Swedish culture – soon everyone will have heard about it

I am so happy to see that EFT and other variants of Tapping have entered Swedish culture! Fun-Fun!



In the first episode of the childrens movie, Pepparkornen, the young heroine, taps with her grandma, as they have just discussed the stress of moving and changing schools. Their tapping is interrupted by her ignorant father. But still: tapping was displayed in a natural setting. Just as natural as it often happens in my own home when someone is distressed or in pain…




Irene Ödmark-Hall was interviewed for Fråga Doktorn at SVT, a well known health program on the Swedish national television. Irene and EFT comes at 6:40 into the programm.

EFT fråga doktorn irenefråga doktorn irene 2


Several EFT books have recently been published in Swedish or by Swedish authors:

Even ourkindlefire_600x1024 (2) own Green Smoothies – Wellness and Weight Loss Recipes (e-book on Amazon) includes a small chapter on addressing the emotional side of eating with EFT tapping.





Trots att jag har cancer - om att må så bra som möjligt i ett utsatt läge med hjälp av EFT och mindfulnessKnacka dig fri med EFT : en enkel metod för ett stressfritt livBarn i balansResolving Yesterday










EFT Tapping has been present in Swedish magazines before, e.g.:

  • TARA nr 5 2014 (bl.a. om Meggan, som knackade bort sin flygrädsla.)
  • Free (Nick Ortner and the new book: Knacka dig fri med EFT)
  • Amelia (På 1 session blev journalisten av med sötsuget.)
  • Inspire (Varför är metoden så snabb?)
  • ToppHälsa (Sötsuget försvann på 3 gånger.)
  • Hälsa (KnackPunkten (fd LivsFröjd) är en del av lösningen.)

In my vision of the future, it is just as common to tap as to take an aspirin or to take a nap or drink.

YES! TFT (the predecessor of EFT) registered by SAMHSA as evidence based practise in NREPP

TFT (Thought Field Therapy), a predecessor of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, i.e. Tapping) has now been registered by SAMHSA, a government agency in the United States in their so called NREPP database as an evidence based effective treatment. 

EFT which I and many with me, offer as a form of coaching and/or therapy is already submitted and is probably also going to recorded during 2016 as well! YES!

I just wonder when the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) is going to realize what´s going on…?

SAMHSA states that TFT is as an effective treatment according to NREPP standards for:

  • Trauma (PTSD) and Stressor-Related Disorders and Symptoms
  • Self-Regulation
  • Personal Resilience/Self-Concept

Other symptoms for which TFT also looked promising were:

  • Phobia, Panic, and Generalized Anxiety Disorders and Symptoms
  • Depression & Depressive Symptoms
  • General Functioning & Well-Being
  • as well as some other disorders and symptoms

Read more here: https://acepblog.org/2016/02/05/touchdown-energy-psychology-tft-now-listed-in-national-registry-of-evidence-based-programs-practices/

or on SAMHSAs own page: http://nrepp.samhsa.gov/ProgramProfile.aspx?id=60#hide4




Bond professor on the Gold Coast puts her finger on new way to succeed at ending cravings

Here’s more reason for you to use EFT  (Emotional Freedom Technique) to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight! Another scientific study has recently been conducted by Bond University in Australia that shows the effectiveness of EFT in helping people manage weight problems.  

EFT known as “psychological acupuncture” has been found to be effective in reducing food cravings and anxiety symptoms and led to longer-term benefits, with those involved in the study able to decrease their food cravings and anxiety symptoms over a 12-month period.

What’s more outstanding is that this research found EFT was even better than cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), the standard therapy for overweight adults!

Thie easy, painless and self-performed finger tapping technique can be done by anyone at anytime. How perfectly convenient! Happy tapping! Read the whole article here.

Bond professor on the Gold Coast puts her finger on new way to succeed ...


 DIETING may be all in the mind — and tapping into the secret to making it work is just a matter of putting your finger on the problem. New research by Bond University has found an easily taught technique, known as “psychological acupuncture” is effective in reducing food cravings and anxiety symptoms. Also known as emotional freedom techniques (EFT), the treatment simply involves …

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Release Anger, Pain and Other Emotions – Quickly and Easily – Through EFT

Studies show how profoundly harmful it is to hold on to anger in our lives. Anger causes a lot of health problems if we do not learn to release it.

Spare 10 minutes to watch this video by Nick Ortner on how he demonstrates EFT tapping for anger release, knee pain and other deep-seated emotions that block our wellness. And then, try it yourself.

Happy tapping!

Stress Away! Another Personal Experience on Using EFT to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Today I was particularly happy to be of help as a stress expert. At the stables, one of the horses in my daughter’s group took to uncontrollable galloping several minutes, until the young rider fell off and hit the riding house wall in the fall. While a doctor who happened to be handily avail48E1B95F-6F8A-3455-9DC7-FFD51B713D5C_Fotolia_50652456_XS_EFT-tapping.jpgable checked her physical state, I tapped her mentally calmer, then her sister. Ambulance came. We then had a joint stress reduction tapping session for more girls in the cafeteria, where they could effectively and rapidly erase their immediate fear and anxiety. Phew!

You may learn more on tapping on my site: www.HowToEFT.biz

Tap Away Your Food Cravings in Minutes

Is it a great difficulty for you to make better food choices? If so, you may be one of many who have the condition called emotional eating. Try EFT or Emotional Freeddom Technique!

A recent study from Griffith University’s School of Medicine in Australia shows that performing EFT or, more popularly known as tapping,  in participants significantly reduced their cravings for sweets, which can be harmful for our body, after only 4 sessions of 2 hours each. 

Tap Away Your Food Cravings in Minutes

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Peace of heart behind a closed gate

 Do take time to read this wonderful and heartwarming story. It just moved me to tears. My hands are up in admiration for Gunilla Hamne and Murigo Vene who spearheaded this recent visit to prisoners and teaching them TTT. Murigo has been visiting in total 13 prisons, teaching TTT to thousands of prisoners, thereby spreading reconciliation and bringing future peace building to this country.

I am in awe while reading and understanding what a great contribution to making prisoners be at peace through TTT. Wow! Thats a real peace movement.  

“A heart can find peace also behind a closed gate.”

Peace of heart behind a closed gate

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Claustrophobia Relief With EFT

cornered-152284_1280 (2)CLAUSTROPHOBIA? Are you uncomfortable being in confined spaces? Elevators? Tunnels? Does it become difficult for you to breathe? You breaking out in a sweat?

So did the guy I sat opposite of, on the commuter train yesterday.
He thought he could manage to travel in this train that does not go underground, but, today he got maxed out (a full stress response) as the train stopped

between two stations due to data communication errors. We were stuck and only moved sporadically and with little information from the driver in the loudspeakers.I shut off my phone and asked if he had a problem with confined spaces. And, would he allow me to help him?

With the help of tapping on the acu-points on the fingers, he soon found himself calm again.

As I explained to him what I was doing and gave him a card with tapping points, which also stated my webadress (www.HowToEFT.biz) and the name of my iPhone tapping app: GO EFT Tapping, the other fellow passengers on the train, who got curious themselves, leaned forward and asked for cards for themselves too. 🙂

I am so happy to have this tool when moving around in the world. Being able to support people in distress right away is extremely rewarding in itself. Often it even creates a permanent effect, even though the tapping is a very short moment.
cornered-152284_1280 (2)
EFT is really fantastic!