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Swedish authority granted 500 KSEK for bringing in EFT application to Sweden

Yes! Vinnova, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, VINNOVA, said yes to the application I made together with Strikersoft, EFT association and Kaimuk, which makes me super happy!

The name of the Vinnova project is: NYTT DIGITALISERAT STÖD FÖR EGENVÅRD MED FOKUS PÅ TRAUMA OCH STRESS (New digitised aided self-help with trauma & stress focus. “Digitized” in this context means “app and online solution”)

Vinnova support a pilot study in 2017.  We bring together some parties who want to produce a digitalized self-help solution in Sweden for traumatized / stressed new arrivals and related care and caregivers. To make their decision on further cooperation easier a prototype on Swedish will be made, based on my GO EFT Tapping app and the TTT method as displayd on www.selfhelpfortrauma.org.

To make a long story short, now I work as project manager (together with the EFT federation, Strikersoft and Kaimuk) to bring together appropriate stakeholders who have access to the target group and interest in producing a digitalized self-help solution for global use and also conducting research on the method. If this goes well, Vinnova is happy to fund Phase 2 as well.

This is a major breakthrough in government support for tapping methods in Sweden, as I see it.

The EFT also attached information about this in our referral to the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen),  proposed update of the National Guidelines for Care in Depression and Anxiety.
NatRikt_DepÅng_2017_EFT Förbundets yttrande_Rev A_2017 03 31

Hopefully, this provides new positive vibrations for the use of the tapping, in favor of all suffering and stressed.


Now officially educator for Informator

I am soo happy. Just signed an agreement with the renowned education firm Informator to offer 3 of my courses this spring:






“Highly relevant courses and just in time!”, as Tobias Strandh, their chief of education, remarked.

All courses are to be held in Swedish, delivered in Stockholm to begin with. Other locations on request.
You will find them in their spring catalog under Leadership specialized as well as Agile Leadership.

One of my references in the Agile Emotional Regulation: 
  • “For years I have engaged Sara for services in both Agile Coaching as well as Agile Emotional Control (EFT) for my personal working with Agile IT Development. This both Scrum Masters, agile team members as the line manager level.” // Kit Gullbrandson, Business Unit Director, Cybercom  

Tapping In: A Step-by-Step Guide to Activating Your Healing Resources through Bilateral Stimulation

This is another amazing news for us in the Tapping community! Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy, or EMDR, a trauma treatment that incorporates alternating bilateral stimulation into a structured therapy, which used to incorporate tapping in its treatment design, now recognizes tapping as an independent therapy. 

Tapping is seen at a different light from EMDR in the sense that it focuses on positive healing resources from within and only allow a short amount of bilateral stimulation. 


Tapping In: A Step-by-Step Guide to Activating Your Healing Resources through Bilateral Stimulation

Got rid of cat-allergy, after tapping away frustration over chronical pain!

Last month I went to Veronica Hördell, Vasastans Nagelcenter in Stockholm, to get my nails done as usual. And she told me that she now owns a cat! WOW!

OK, that’s not so fascinating, you may think. Anyone can own a cat!

But let me then tell you why I say WOW:

veronica hördell 4Some of you may have heard me speak about Veronica’s remarkable improvement of pain levels and quality of life after we did EFT tapping. The subject of tapping was to remove frustration over the constant pain she experiences after a whiplash accident some years ago.

During the session, her constant pain level of 7-8 (of 10), dropped to zero and the frustration also disappeared. Some of the pain returned later on, but on a lower level. She told me a few weeks afterwards that she had managed to get the pain to a level enabling her to remove 3 of 4 medicines a day. What does that have to do with cats? Basically nothing…?

Anyway, after that pain-tapping session, she told me that on Friday that week, she and her daughter was supposed to go to a party with Christmas activities. This was also unusual, as with her condition of constant pain, she usually preferred to stay home and take it easy in the evenings. Particularly Fridays after a long work week.

On the way to the party, Veronica realized that she had not taken her allergy medicine, and the owners had 2 cats. Oh-oh!

From experience, she knew that she would not be able to stay longer than 15 minutes without medicine. It would start to itch in nose and eyes if she touched the cats and her breathing would become severely restricted in any case.

She may now also cuddleWell, after 15 minutes the symptoms started to come, itching started a little bit. But she for some reason decided to stay.  The itching subsided. The expected breathing restriction did not come. She and her daughter stayed for 4 hours on the party, undisturbed by either pain or allergies. First WOW!

And my second WOW comes now last time when Veronica tells me that they have bought a cat of their own. She bought the cat with a big disclaimer, to be able to turn it back in case her cat-allergy would prevent them from keeping it.

Well, as it turns out, her previous cat-allergy shines with its absence! Veronica may now also cuddle with cats as a proud cat owner. I am so happy, and Veronica is amazed! The cat is plain happy to have found a new home!

So, if you have trouble with allergy, you may want to give this method a try.

I can’t promise you I can help you get rid of your allergy. What I can promise though, is to help and teach you a method that makes it easier for your body to heal itself. It might help you diminish or even eliminate physical ailments like allergy, like it has for several of my clients. And I can promise you that the method is easy, safe and fun. Worst case, you get temporarily thirsty and  somewhat temporary tired, just like after a good massage or acupuncture session. And if this method wouldn’t work on your allergy, it may very well work on your frustration over it. Or on other emotional challenges, for which the method is created.


/ I wish you a truly happy day! Sara

P.S. The second picture with the woman and the Bengal cat has nothing to with Veronica and her cat. The top picture is indeed Veronica herself. You may want to seek her out in Vasastan, Stockholm, to get your own nails done. She is a true nail expert! D.S.