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Yes, our course Team Gamification – Orangino Work goes international !

Yes, our course Team Gamification – Orangino Work goes international !

The last workshop that Ulla Osterman and I held at Informator in Stockholm with their sales team was held in full speed with lots of team dialogue, fun and respect. See the vivid photos here attached. ūüėČ

Yesterday we agreed with Tieturi to bring this course also to their Finnish operations late spring this year. In English. Stay tuned!

As you may be aware of Informator is now part of the Informator Tieturi Group, consisting of Informator, Tieturi and Management Institute of Finland and deliver training globally to more than 67,000 students per year.

You may read more on below link about this course, which makes you become a certified Team Coach in Orangino Work and you get a practical toolkit to develop effective and fun team work. There are a few spots open on next occasion the 30:th of March.


Fun working with Orangino Work internationally

It is so fun and rewarding to work with the tool Orangino Work. Of course it is always better to have all people in the same room when working with group development. However, there are teams that simply are distributed over the world.

I have now run several workshops using the  Orangino Work tool online with parties on several locations, achieving excellent results, so I think I have earned the certification mark as External Methodology Coach.

One manager said:
“Orangino Work is a prepared package!
Light weight preparation for leader/facilitator,
with a tremendous value on the resulting output!”

How to improve communication climate? Collaboration?


Are you a leader wrestling with issues like:

  • How to improve communication climate?
  • How to improve collaboration?
  • How to secure progress towards high-performance teams?

Come join our Meetup February the 16th, organized by my partner Orangino and Agile People and learn about the dialogoue method Orangino Work! The venue is hosted by Cybercom centrally placed in Stockholm on Sveavägen.

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Orangino Work can help you with these challenges! It is a dialogue method in a game format comprising various exercises and a very flexible toolbox to improve teamwork and increase engagement. The dialogues make the team more dynamic and develop the success behaviours and thereby contributes to even better results.

We use to say that Orangino Work speeds up the groups way towards a high performing team. As one of our participants said after playing Orangino Work:

  • “Prepared package! Light weight preparation for the leader/facilitator, with a tremendous value on the resulting output!”

orangino work boxA recent study at the University of Lund, demonstrates its effects. The Orangino tool has revitalized many organizations, increased job satisfaction and improved performance.

You will at this meetup get an opportunity to try the Orangino Work tool and team dialogue method, and learn about the benefits for other organizations from the horse¬īs mouth.

  • Ulla Osterman founder of Orangino AB, willl guide you to understand how you can benefit from Orangino Work in your own organization.
  • Sara Bern, Agile coach at Cybercom, will tell about how it is presently used at Cybercom to support the development of Agile Development to High Performance autonomous teams.

You may of course bring some colleagues!

Sign up: Agile People manages the applications via Meetup, click here.
Price: FREE of charge, thanks to the generous hosting by Cybercom.
When: Tuesday, Februari 16:th,  2016
Where: Cybercom, Sveavägen 20, Stockholm (Subway: T-Centralen)

  • 17.30 ‚Äď 18:00 Something light to eat. (Think wraps, or similar)
  • 18.00 ‚Äď 18.30 ¬†Introduction Cybercom and Orangino Work
  • 18.30 ‚Äď 19.30¬† We will try the tool together in a fun and insppiring way.
  • 19.30 ‚Äď 20.00¬† How is Orangino Work used today in agile environments and how can it benefit your work with team development?


Orangino, Agile People and Cybercom in collaboration
Ulla Osterman, Pia-Maria Thorén, Kit Gullbrandson och Sara Bern