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Hope you enjoyed a good book lately

I just read the article that overextensive social media usage actually destroys your brain function:

  • “Prolonged consumption of the internet can lead to degradation in parts of the cerebellum, prefrontal cortex, supplementary motor cortex and the anterior cingulate cortex, with consequences for both the psyche and work performance.”

The world is full of good books, among a number of poor or useless ones of course. Did you see that Newton´s Principia Mathematica about gravity etc was recently sold for 3 700 000 USD?

Books are like an open window to the world

In our home, we read a couple of chapters aloud with our three children every evening, and have been doing so the last 16 years. Our eldest is now 16, the middle son is 14 and our youngest is 12 years. We say to them that reading books is like a free travel to our places and other peoples minds. Stand on other people´s shoulders and reach for new knowledge and adventures. Reading is the most cost efficient way of personal development.

I remember as I as a very young girl was standing at the library´s desk while the librarian called my mum and asked her to come and get me with the car.This time, I wouldn´t be able to take the three bags full of books home on my own. The librarian asked my mum if I was really able and going to read all those books over the period. Of course, I stated boldly! And I stood by my promise.

Books for language training

Books can also be used for language training. At Ericsson, I had to travel the world as Business Manager for example and we have always traveled to meet friends all over the world. In order to keep my languages fit: I read a book in Swedish, then English, followed by one in Spanish and the next in German. Then I started all over again. At language courses, they always try to make you read so called “good literature”, by Nobel prize winners and the like. That can constitute a major language challenge. So to keep going, I selected Spanish and German books with a lot of dialogue and action instead. Like Stephen King thrillers or similar easy light weight literature.

Audio books are also good

When I started to educate myself to be a LifeSuccess Coach, there was too little hours of the day to read all I wanted. As I had to commute in Stockholms overly crowded traffic, from Huddinge to OMX at Gärdet, I started to listen to books downloaded on my iPhone. With a good headset like Jabra Supreme, I get excellent comfort and sound quality even while driving. And I can take calls and listen to driving instructions that interrupt the audio bok whenever needed. Another side benefit was that I was not at all disturbed over traffic jams any more. I happily alotted extra driving time, and if I arrived earlier than needed, I was in good company. And you understand what company. As the saying goes: –With a good book, you are never really alone.

Books also help you change your habits

Since you need to keep your thoughts and actions on a new habit for quite some time before a new action becomes a habit, books help a lot. The books keep you in the preferred thought mode for extensive periods of time. The covers remind you of the content every time you you see the book lying on the table or bedside floor.

Should you also engage in some kind of forum where the content is discussed, even better! Or you may decide to take a course on the subject matter or similar.

My story as an author: From recipes over EFT to agile

I always wanted to write my own book. The recipe book I wrote 2014 with my daughter Maria was my first released book: Green Smoothies: Weight Loss Recipes. It was because my husband had seen me save all the green smoothie recipes on sticky notes in a book, with the testimonials of the one´s who had tried it. Maria helped me insert every recipe in book format, gave them names, searched for images and co-edited the rest of the text. This book made Maria the youngest non-fiction author of the time in Sweden, at 13 years. And we got on the radio for a live interview. That book was really meant as a training book for my “real book”, about personal development. It was an expensive training, as recipe book really need good graphics which do not easily let themselves be professionally made by the author.

That first book was followed by the corresponding E-book: Green Smoothies: Wellness and Weight Loss Recipes. 2015.

This year, I finally released my “real book”: LUGN I STORMEN – EFT: Första hjälpen för den sjuka jobbstressen. The EFT method really changed my and my family’s’ life. It also affected my work, as I included the method into my toolbox as a coach already 2009. EFT is a game changer for many of my clients, removing blocks for change and helping them with stress and other ailments as well. No wonder it became the main topic of my first real book.

My next book will be about Agile. I have received so many ill formulated requests for support as Agile coach and Agile Change Manager. Call for tenders that prevents organisations from getting the support they so well need in time. And many organisations fail in their well intended tries to become more agile. More help in easy to understand Swedish, or Swenglish,  is needed. Stay tuned!

// Sara


I apologize: It is not out of print ….

To all concerned book interested: Adlibris.se has a fault on their website, stating that my book:
Lugn i stormen: EFT: Första hjälpen för den sjuka jobbstressen
is out of print. Only the E-book is shown there right now:

The first print I made was sold out within 2 weeks after release. But now I have placed the book with BoD as a print on demand house, so it should never go out of print…

The fault is reported to Adlibris and I have asked them for the names of those who tried in vain so I can apologize. Of course they will not give me those out of integrity reasons. Therefore I apologize here instead! 

Should you have been affected, send me a copy of the original “Out of Print” message of Adlibris or your book vendor in this period, and I will happily give you a 50% discount on a personal, individual EFT session with me per telephone or Skype.

I wish you all a Happy New 2017 with many new interesting books to read.

Sara Bern

EGN Facilitator now

Happily attended my first Chair Forum today, meeting the facilitator colleagues at EGN, Executives Global Network. This new part-time work is going to be so fun!

Executives’ Global Network (EGN) offers professional networking in carefully matched groups.

As facilitator I ensure the best conditions for powerful and generous knowledge sharing and reflection.

In Sweden, EGN is the leading competence network with nearly 2 000 members from 25 executive functions in 110 groups. EGN is represented in 14 countries, has over 14 000 members from 6 200 companies in approx 750 confidential network groups. EGN is the second biggest Executive Network worldwide.


YES! TFT (the predecessor of EFT) registered by SAMHSA as evidence based practise in NREPP

TFT (Thought Field Therapy), a predecessor of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, i.e. Tapping) has now been registered by SAMHSA, a government agency in the United States in their so called NREPP database as an evidence based effective treatment. 

EFT which I and many with me, offer as a form of coaching and/or therapy is already submitted and is probably also going to recorded during 2016 as well! YES!

I just wonder when the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) is going to realize what´s going on…?

SAMHSA states that TFT is as an effective treatment according to NREPP standards for:

  • Trauma (PTSD) and Stressor-Related Disorders and Symptoms
  • Self-Regulation
  • Personal Resilience/Self-Concept

Other symptoms for which TFT also looked promising were:

  • Phobia, Panic, and Generalized Anxiety Disorders and Symptoms
  • Depression & Depressive Symptoms
  • General Functioning & Well-Being
  • as well as some other disorders and symptoms

Read more here: https://acepblog.org/2016/02/05/touchdown-energy-psychology-tft-now-listed-in-national-registry-of-evidence-based-programs-practices/

or on SAMHSAs own page: http://nrepp.samhsa.gov/ProgramProfile.aspx?id=60#hide4




Awesome new Reiss Motivation Training in Sweden!

What a great new Reiss Motivation Profile training that RMP-Nordic, Mikael Leinsköld and RMPs Sweden responsible: Pia-Maria Thorén, Green Bullet, arranged last week! The internationally renowned RMP masters Daniele Gianella and Päivi Mayor facilitated the training this time around. Thank you very much, I am very much looking forward to getting more Swedish colleagues in this field!

More RMP trainings will be made available by Green Bullet throughout the year. And team development training workshops with RMP based exercises.

Did you know that Reiss Motivation Profile is now taught each year by Päivi Mayor at Masters level at the International Business School TAMK, Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

And did you also know that Leapfrog, certifying ICF coaches in Sweden, has Steven Reiss book Who am I? among the books on the reading list…?

Stay tuned, you will hear more about RMP in Sweden for sure, as it is gaining ground.



The super efficient 1%-er and other handy tools in my podcasts…

Long time no see, dear blog reader!

Even though it was some time since I posted here, the  Golden Opportunity podcasts have continued to come out regularly.

The December podcasts are found by clicking here, or go to the podcast site:

And the not before mentioned November podcasts are listed here below:



How mirror neurons helps your learning – and Success Denominators…

Dear blogreader, there has been a lot of things going on lately and my podcasts have therefore been announced late. See podcast links below.

Last month I thought I would  get less work to do at Cybercom on the agile teams in Kista as some activity was moved, and I risked standing there with only one half time assignment, and some odd coaching customers. So I started to ponder other opportunities:

As a consultant you have to work on keeping doors open all the time. Well, as things turned out:

  • I could increase my time at the Swedish Enforcement Authority
  • I also took some courses & seminars on RMP.
  • And established a partnership with RMP-Nordic and Orangino Work.
  • Then Cybercom’s customer in Kista suddenly changed their mind and wanted to keep some of my related agile teams and my related coaching services was again wanted.
  • And several customers suddenly also wanted to know more about the Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) and the Orangino Work method and tools. Invitations hailing…

Now I am at the position to choose between activities and customers that are both fun, rewarding as well as exciting.

Wow, yes! I am so grateful and happy! It always pays off to invest in good quality education, sooner or later!

You may now want to check out my thoughts in these latest podcasts, thoughts that have been instrumental also in these last successes:

If you want to follow my podcasts, you may subscribe to them at iTunes.

Best regards, Sara


Podcasts on Persistence and Imagination

Hello, you find my 2 last podcasts on the topics below on iTunes or on my vlog:

Enjoy your development!

Best regards, Sara

[GO] 40: Achieve Your Goals Through Imagineering and Visualization

I just added a new podcast on achieving goals through so calle dimagineering and visualization.

Have a look at it at itunes or directly at my vlog: [GO] 40: Achieve Your Goals Through Imagineering and Visualization

You know, sometime this piece is the missing link to getting there. You are doing all things right to get to your goal, but something prevents you. Usually then, something in your subconscious is holding you back. You need to reprogram yourself.

Ever since I started my own company I have had a financial goal sometime to have the same income as previously paid employee (as a manager in an international company iwth 35 subordinates), but working only half of the time as entrepreneur, with all the freedom it brings. It has been the most difficult goal to reach for me.

So last summer, as I got a stomach flue and then an infection in india, was doomed to stay in the hotel room as my family toured the country we were visiting, I really made up my mind to use my tools and energy to remove the block and imagineer my living this goal intensively.

Thereafter it took me only a couple of months and then I reached my goal. Imagineering and visualization did the trick for me.

Oh, and I combined the Imagineering with Lifeflow to intensify the effect. More on that in another podcast. Stay tuned!

Have a really nice weekend! // Sara

Next podcast session [GO] 39: How to Improve Your Creative Imagination Skills

My latest podcast episode is now ready:
[GO] 39: How to Improve Your Creative Imagination Skills

You are welcome to listen to the episode on my vlog below, or subscribe to the podcast at itunes.

  • https://itunes.apple.com/se/podcast/golden-opportunity/id954072359?l=e
  • http://www.goldenopportunitypodcast.com/

Have a nice weekend! // Sara