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I did not commit Karoshi in Asia…

Reading this article on Karoshi in Japan, I come to think of one episode when working on a project in Asia. Even though I did not commit Karoshi, I surely did fit the bill of work hours. (A suicide qualifies as karoshi if the person worked more than 160 hours of overtime the last month of life.)

I was in Asia in a contract negotiation around 2004, working as a consultant at the time. It was the first time we negotiated a contract with this operator together with a new national telecom vendor. I got there in the third negotiation week, just to “finish off some add on services”, that had been thrown in more or less as a give away to sweeten the deal.

While in Germany, preparing for the negotiation, I realized a new technical condition that prevented us from using the 7 off the shelf products. We would have to build completely new software, and get nothing extra for it. I was told to hang on there in the negotiation, not give anything extra away and just clarify the customer needs.

We hade excruciatingly long negotiation days during those three weeks. Days during which the highest Asian managers appeared sleeping with their heads in hands! Remarkably enough, they noticed as soon as something needed correction, they where immediately attentive, rattling away in Japanese to the subordinates.

In the evening, I got back to our local office, and worked until far into the night with our Swedish technicians to design and calculate costs.

Getting home to the hotel in the middle of the night (or rather very early morning), I felt completely safe. The only Japanese persons out on the streets where friendly or as me, sleepily/sleeping on the way home or to work. The subway had more sleeping persons than awake ones.

Business people shaking hands, finishing up a meeting

After three weeks, we where all exhausted when the negotiations where over. We had calculated our design, test and production costs to between 15 and 20 000 man hours. The main projekt owner made my hair blow backwards as he screamed at me on the phone:

  • Are you completely insane? It is definitely impossible! 

I calmly asked him:

  • Have you calculated how much you need on the enabling exchange side? How much do you need for your customer adaptions? which rendered him speechless.

To make a long story short, they later figured out they needed way beyond 100 000 man hours to complete the specification agreed.

It was an awkward celebration dinner with the customer that night after the top managers had shaken hands on the deal agreed upon. The customer sat on a long row on one side of the table. The CEO in the middle. Us on the other side, knowing that the development costs where too high and still climbing. Our local manager in the middle and I as the only woman next to him. Toward the end of the dinner, the lights where dimmed. Three waiters entered with the delicious special extraordinary course: Three big steaming balls… It took me some time to realize it was tuna fish eyes, still more or less boiling and staring towards the ceiling! At that time, I had not yet learnt the phrase:

  • – Excuse me, my religion prohibits me from eating this. (It works wonders in every country, I promise!)

And I was sitting across from the expecting CEO, and could not make him loose face in front of a foreign woman. So I had to take something, with the eating sticks and put it into my mouth. I took some from the outside of the steaming ball, while others dove right into it. Yuccie… Wonderful culture clash. Next time I might invite them up north in Sweden and serve sour herring (surströmming)…

I have seldom worked so many hours a day for so many negotiation weeks. Still I felt that the Japanese where working even harder. And they continued to do so, day in and day out, even though they did not have a major contract negotiation.

Well, we did complete the project eventually, many manhours later, with a satisfied customer.

And no burnouts or Karoshi in the meantime.

Ending well, all is well.

My reflection on this episode in conjunction with Karoshi is the following:
When you are overworked to that degree, your logical function degrades. Your capability to estimate times, workload, risk etc. diminishes more rapidly than you are aware of.

That is why I suggest all people to learn some personal strategies to reduce stress so that you can keep your logic and creativity at best possible. And you may also see earlier need for escalation, or be able to choose other assignments or employers unless conditions change.

And for you next to the person who is working themselves clearly towards burnout or Karoshi, I repeat Martin Luther Kings words:

  • You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say.
    Martin Luther King Jr. – 1929-1968, Minister and Civil Rights Leader

Perhaps the person is not ready to listen to your advice. That is perfectly understandable. But you can use I-messages to tell them what you see as consequence and how it affects yourself. For example:

  • When I notice you don´t take time to help the less experienced in the team asking for it, I am afraid the we will not be able to meet the quality goal of our total team delivery.

And you can tell them that you know of an efficient method to reduce stress (EFT) that can be used by anyone almost anywhere, even for the most hectic schedules, to take down the personal stress levels.

Have a nice weekend!

// Sara Bern

The first edition of my new book – SOLD OUT – in just two weeks

The first edition of my Swedish inspirational book about stressreduction “Lugn i Stormen – EFT:Första hjälpen för den sjuka jobbstressen” was sold out 2 weeks after release, YES!

I released the book at the exhibition FitForLife / AlltFörHälsan in Älvsjö end of November, where I worked in the EFT Association booth. We where demonstrating the efficacy of EFT for anyone wanting to try it out. We cleared relationship issues, vertigo, writer´s blocks, sorrow, sadness, pains and numerous fears, just to mention some issues. At the exhibition we tap on people to demonstrate quick results in this noisy and open environment. EFT is however really a self-help method that you can use yourself.


Rene, that I had met on an Executive’s Global Network meeting the day before also tried the method. I later received this email from him:
– I can attest that this method really works. After only one session, I can deal with my fear of heights in a whole new way! I feel calm and confident when I think of or am located in high altitudes. Many thanks!
Rene Lambin IT Operations Manager Capio S:t Görans Sjukhus

I also got the opportunity to speak about EFT Tapping for full house. All seats were taken, people standing at the tables at the back of the room and there were even people sitting on the floor in the hallway next to the seats.


img_0127It was so rewarding being able to present both the book and the new upgrade of the iPhone app:  GO EFT Tapping©, now Free and available both in English and Arabic.

The next edition of the book is already uploaded to Bokrondellen, which means that any day now it will be searchable on www.Adlibris.se and other bookstores everywhere. Stay tuned! People were so fond of the format with Wire-O binding, so I decided to keep it to the next edition. It enables you to keep the book open by itself while following the instructions and finding the points.

Happy tapping!

// Sara


YES; finally ready! GO EFT Tapping also in Arabic

iphone-7-1GO EFT Tapping for effective stress reduction is now available as a free app on iTunes App Store, with support for both English and Arabic tapping. Now it also includes a new optional in-app purchase feature: GO EFT Bridge. The latter offers support to increase the positive, more constructive reactionbs, instead of the old habitual ones that you had before tapping.

Download GO EFT Tapping at App Store:

Now it supports Arabic as well. How did that happen, Sara?

The arabic world is in turmoil facing atrocities frequently or even constantly in many places, I am thinking not only of Mosul and Aleppo, which are in the news daily. As the mail from Dr Ashraf came, asking for help to effective self help for the Arabic people, I was eager to support with the expertise I had with stress relief using EFT online and in apps.

So, this Arabic version is made possible by Dr. Ashraf Al-Hadethe, a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society who is currently working at the Baghdad University. His PhD Thesis was made at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom at Clinical Psychology, Division of Psychiatry and Applied Psychology, School of Medicine. The thesis compared EFT tapping to other psychological interventions for stress and trauma. He wanted the app on Arabic as so many of the Arabic people worldwide are in urgent need for effective help for stress and anxiety reduction.

go-eft-tapping-flow_arabicSWEDISH: JAAA!; till slut är vi färdiga! GO EFT Tapping appen finns nu på engelska och arabiska, som en gratis app på app store för iPhone, iPad och iPod. Ta en titt, vet ja! Möjliggjort av Dr Al-Hadethes önskan att jag skulle översätta min GO EFT Tapping app till arabiska till förmån för det arabiska folket.

Dela gärna vidare till alla som vill hjälpa behövande, flyktingar, krigsdrabbade, anhöriga och övriga. EFT metoden är godkänd evidensbaserad metod av APA, American Psychological Association för stress, ångest, PTSD m.m.

Ladda ned GO EFT Tapping på app store:

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Tapping In: A Step-by-Step Guide to Activating Your Healing Resources through Bilateral Stimulation

This is another amazing news for us in the Tapping community! Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy, or EMDR, a trauma treatment that incorporates alternating bilateral stimulation into a structured therapy, which used to incorporate tapping in its treatment design, now recognizes tapping as an independent therapy. 

Tapping is seen at a different light from EMDR in the sense that it focuses on positive healing resources from within and only allow a short amount of bilateral stimulation. 


Tapping In: A Step-by-Step Guide to Activating Your Healing Resources through Bilateral Stimulation

7 Good Reasons to Learn EFT or Tapping

Need to have reasons to learn EFT? Well, here’s a great article outlining 7 reasons why. 

7 Good Reasons to Learn EFT or Tapping – Renegade Health


Discover how to use EFT or tapping for anxiety, stress, emotional trauma, success, cravings and more. … All Articles · Alternative Health News · Kev’s Experiments · Product Reviews · Infographics · Videos · Recipes … Tapping can work to help calm your body’s stress centers, so you can be more balanced and calm. Whether ….. This kind of energy-related techniques seem to evade me for some reason, but yesterday… the Tapping worked completely and immediately!

Read more …

Be Stress-Free Quick and Easy

Scientific evidence points to stress as one among many factors that contribute a great part to the diseases we have in our body. Unfortunately, due to the busy and hectic lives we live, we often fail to notice the ill effects of stress on our well-being. Sometimes, we simply refuse to acknowledge that that the physical and emotional symptoms that manifest are the impact of the stress we experience often in our lives.


Some stresses are actually good for us and serve as fuel to keep us going. However, when the stresses we experience exceed our coping capabilities, our health and well-being becomes compromised.


Stress is a word we generally use when we feel overwhelmed with money, work, family, health,safety and other personal concerns. Dealing with these situations stress us out because we are unsure if we can cope with the pressures placed upon us. These factors create tension or pose a threat, thereby, giving us mental or emotional strain.


Fortunately, there’s great news! The detrimental effects of stress on our bodies can now be avoided as emotional wellness is just a tap away. Recently, studies have shown that Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, tapping is a quick and effective way to reduce and/ or release mental and emotional stress from our body. Healing of physical conditions naturally follow once the body is free from stress that blocks the flow of energy for the body’s well-being.


EFT has given positive results in a majority of clients, including athletes and corporate executives, as well as, treating a wide range of emotional or physical issues. These include

  • stress and anxiety
  • PTSD and trauma
  • fears and phobias
  • physical symptoms including neck and shoulder pain and headaches


The transcript of the video you find here tells us more about EFT tapping:


Today’s hectic, fast-paced life has increased everybody’s stress level, no doubt! Many of us suffer from emotional blocks that affect our performance – from home to the office, the playing field, and, even the bedroom.


But, there is good news out there for anyone who’s stressed, anxious or a little freaked out. It’s a new stress reducing technique being used by business people, athletes, stay at home mom’s and many people everywhere.


It doesn’t involve the use of any drugs or pills, whatsoever. It is Is 100% natural and safe. From what hundreds of thousands of people have already seen, it works extremely well at reducing stress, and, at enhancing a person’s focus.


EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping as most people call it, involves using the index finger to gently tap traditional acupressure points. While this is done, the person using the tapping technique also repeats a specific sentence or phrase known as the MPI or most pressing issue. It is also the 2nd main component of the technique.


Together, the combination reduces stress and anxiety by what is called ‘counter conditioning’. It is a method psychologists use to help victims of trauma and military veterans. Tapping is also being used by major football, baseball and basketball stars to enhance their focus and determination before a big game. It is also used by corporate executives before a big presentation or other stress-causing event.


In fact, Dr. Erin Shannon, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, uses tapping on many patients who are professional athletes. In a recent interview with Jessica Ortner, Dr. Shannon said that tapping has ‘extraordinary’ results and is ‘absolutely amazing’. High praise, indeed!


But, the real question that many people want to know is this: How can a person learn and use tapping in their everyday life?


The answer is the new GO EFT Tapping App. Use it to record your own most pressing issue, whatever it is that stresses you out the most. And then use the customized tapping procedure that the app puts together for you. It’s the easiest, most convenient way to bring tapping into your life.


Simply put, EFT tapping is a natural, highly effective way to reduce the stress of daily life. It can be used anywhere, at any time, to reduce anxiety, increase focus, raise performance and help someone to relax. Even better, with the new EFT Tapping App, anyone can use this excellent technique – from sports superstars to executives and anyone else interested.


So, stop letting emotional blocks affect your day, and your performance. Increase your confidence, motivation and mental clarity. Find out more and get your own GO EFT Tapping© app today to enhance your performance!


Whatever causes the stress in your life, EFT can address them all. More importantly, we don’t have to wait for stress to have an impact on our physical and emotional health before we take action against it. We can apply EFT at anytime as soon as we feel the need to for stress relief.

This article is also available on hubpages


EFT Proven To Lower Cortisol Levels

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) significantly reduces cortisol, the major hormone associated with high stress levels. This finding is based on an important study published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease which found that  EFT lowered cortisol levels by as much as 24%.

 The randomized controlled trial conducted by Yount and Church et al, measured levels of cortisol before and after EFT. In the study looking at EFT’s effect on cortisol, 83 participants were randomly assigned to a one-time hour-long session of three different set-ups – EFT, talk therapy (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CBT), and rest, without making them aware of the existence of other groups.

EFT tapping pointsWhen results showed a significantly lower level of cortisol from the EFT group compared to the two other therapy groups, which showed a decline of only an average of 14%, researchers could hardly believe it, and, even thought their instruments needed recalibration. They ordered a re-run of the test only to find the results to be the same. That much lower cortisol level definitely makes a big impact on emotional and physical wellness!

 What makes the result even more profound is that the decline in this major stress hormone was also positively associated with a reduction in many self-reported  psychological symptoms, including anxiety and depression, as measured by a standard psychological assessment tool.

 This is a major breakthrough considering that tapping therapy has no side effects compared to drugs and supplements, now found everywhere, recommended to lower cortisol. Unlike these “cortisol blockers”, EFT does not take away from the body cortisol’s precursor molecules, which is essential for cell repair during times when we are relaxed or rested.

 Continually elevated cortisol levels are not beneficial to one’s health and often leads to various physical and psychological problems, such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, weakened immunity, digestive and metabolic problems and obesity. It can also lead to more complicated health conditions like diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome, and cardiovascular diseases.

 One of the lead researchers, Dr Garret Yount, excitedly claims, “This is the first randomized controlled trial of EFT to evaluate a physiological biomarker (i.e., cortisol levels) and it shows robust, positive effects. It sets the stage for further research to explore whether EFT affects other physiological systems, including the expression of genes involved in the stress response.”

 The effectivity of tapping therapy on reducing stress as now supported by biological evidence gives all interested and yet, skeptical people, the reason to try it out, now!